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Prior to joining the MBA program, I was motivated by the testimonials of other students and alumni about the LBS effects. However, no one told me it would be this tasking. As my mother would usually say; “No one tells you how the shoe fits until you wear it.” – Now, I believe and understand the realities of this aged adage.

Having been away from the classroom for almost 7 years; I needed a reminder and a good kick-start button. Therefore, I enrolled in some online courses and a mentorship program to prepare me for the journey ahead. Interestingly, the decision was helpful for preparation as intended.

Breaking News!

May 29, 2021 – while trying to get through the busy weekend, I received a notification; hesitantly, I opened the file, and boom! All the butterflies in my tummy legit fluttered high and I could not feel my legs even though I knew I was standing. Finally, after much pressure to the LBS Admissions office, I received a conditional acceptance letter. Regardless, of the title: ‘Conditional’, I screamed and immediately announced to my husband and everyone who cared to listen; “I am now an LBS student, soon to be: The Emeritus!” He laughed and congratulated me on the successful admission.

The Hit

Fast forward to 29th September – the second week into the first semester, I finally cruised into the reality of the heightening demands and meeehn! On this fateful day, I almost broke down in tears having staggered with no sleep for almost 48 hours in order to meet deadlines (personal, academic, and professional). Honestly, it had been an intensive and tough week, and I was knackered. Unfortunately, there is no room for excuse or carelessness; so it was imperative I met all academic deadlines and responsibilities. Although there are days, I am fatigued; I have no regrets whatsoever.

Tip: If you think any program especially the full-time MBA program at Lagos Business School (LBS) is a walk in the park hahahahaha, sorry *in a British baritone voice* Please, think again.

Serious warning + gentle reminders

Evidently, during brush-up sessions and at every meeting with any faculty, they are sure to inform and constantly remind you; “The LBS MBA program is tough; there are days you will cry, lose sleep and even ask yourself – ‘Why! Who sent me to sign up for an MBA program’, however, it is worth it in the end” Honestly, I have been at this question box severally but we move!

Additionally, they were also sure to equip us with intensive preparatory classes which included; etiquette, personality development, and time management programs. Certainly, this was to prepare us for the narrow shakedown journey ahead but I doubt anyone of us understood the T&Cs then…. If only we knew lol.

The Powerhouse

The faculties are professionals and exceptionally competent. Their level of knowledge, carriage, and exposure is intimidating yet, inspiring. It gives me hope for our educational system. LBS has proven that excellence is achievable and sustainable.

Each time I am in school, I forget that I am in Nigeria. Excellence begins at the gate and stays with you throughout your time here. The environment is green, serene, and beautifully decorated with stimulating arts. Every lecture room is equipped with smart Hybrid teaching technologies and a globally accepted curriculum. Personally, walking by the corridors to the lecture room each day is a walk of pride.

Beautiful Mirror

It has been only 2 months, yet, the results and improvement are inarguably evident and impressive. My vocabulary and command of words have improved and so have my analytical and emotional intelligence skills. Before eating the bigger pieces of pie, trust me when I say, there is no way you won’t experience an elevation after attending just the LBS introductory brain-boosting courses:

  • Management Communication – do I need to say more? This exercise is evidence of its demands and brilliant effects. Additionally, I have a Harvard MC Certificate – so psyched!
  • Analysis of Business Problem – oh dear, she doesn’t play – her brain is on fire!
  • Data Analytics – the mighty Excel and Analytics gurus will have you in the clouds
  • Corporate Financial Accounting – He’s the best, there is no way you won’t understand and appreciate CFA after the brilliant and practical sessions with Dr. Okoye.
  • Nature of human behaviour – want to be a better person/ leader? This course is highly recommended.
  • Business Ethics – Impressively, Ethics is the foundational culture and language at LBS; believe me when I say it will become yours too.

Dear Reader,

Attending any LBS session or event without prior preparation is like walking into a battlefield with no arsenals. It is a grievous mistake, please, do not fall victim; always be prepared.


  • Always be ready for battle – at all time!
  • Never underestimate the challenge even if you are familiar with the terrain and terms of engagement – attack it like an unknown enemy.
  • Everything counts – do not subtract
  • LBS is a worthy and challenging investment – treat it as such.

Walk of pride

Walking into the corridors of Lagos Business School (LBS) has been transformational. Every day presents a new challenge, a sounding alarm for readiness, and an invitation to acquire and sharpen competitive arsenals. If ever in doubt, remember, you are in the best community.

Need I mention that this is the only Business School in West African also, the only AMBA and AACSB certified school in this region. Meeeeehn! UNBEATABLE! YES! I am proud to be an LBS student.

Oh dear *whew* Gogo case calls + there is a lot of work to be done, so no bragging yet (but, yes, I may) because the road is still far for me however, I plan on enjoying the process.

Until next time. Cheers to many dreams and visions. Be intentional and stay safe.

Article by Ezinne Okuku

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