Problem solving

Investment 101

Generally, investing means committing money to work overtime in a venture or endeavour to generate profits. It’s the act...

Nov 9 · 2 min read >

Malicious Software and How it Affects Your Computer II

Malware is malicious software intentionally designed and spread to infect computer systems, networks, information, and data thereby causing a...

Nov 7 · 2 min read >

Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting

The cost per unit varies with an increase in the volume of output.

Nov 3 · 1 min read >

Analysis of Business Problems – Objective

This is the third of an eight-part series on the analysis of business problems. See the last part here....

Oct 27 · 1 min read >

Applying Probability in Business (Pt.2)

PROBABILITY IN FINANCE: The probability for a company to get a working capital loan. First, the Bank/ Lending company...

Oct 26 · 1 min read >


Why do we need probability? We need it for decision-making where we do decision analysis with uncertainty, optimization, and...

Oct 23 · 1 min read >

Staying in my Lane

And here we go again. It seems LBS arms you with so much knowledge and then quickly reminds you...

Oct 22 · 2 min read >


In today’s post, we will discuss what a problem statement is, and the key elements of a problem statement,...

Analysis of Business Problems – Problem Statement

This is the second of an eight-part series on the analysis of business problems. See part one here. A...

Oct 19 · 1 min read >