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The Psychology of Procrastination: Why We Delay and How to Overcome It”

I fight myself a couple of times struggling to get work done at as when due. It can be...

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This topic “left or right” is really about making decisions, it is a critical and unavoidable aspect of life...

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Dealing with stressors馃槩鈽癸笍

Stress according to WHO is defined as a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation....

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When Should I Use Regression Analysis?

Regression Analysis is mainly used to get business insights by comparing the relationship between two or more variables of the...

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Childcare and Post-Partum Depression

During courtship, many intending couples talk about how many children they would love to have. Most times, this discussion...

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Tips to making a great presentation

Presentation is a very common method of communication especially in the corporate world. On different levels, people get to...

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There will always be deadlines, but the quality of our analysis should be prioritised.

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Avoiding Psychological Traps in Decision Making

As individuals, we make decisions every day, from the simplest to the most complex ones. However, not all of...

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The decision to invest or not to invest

We had a capstone project in corporate financial analysis course. This project was challenging as we had to work...

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