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Adulthood throws many challenges our way. Adjusting to a new job, pitching a business, raising funds for projects, reading for exams, raising children, maintaining family and social life. All these changes can be almost too much to bear.


Recently, sleep has far from me, once my body tries to rest or I catch myself sleeping, I jerk to consciousness because I have so many personal and academic deadlines. I fear I may have developed Hypnophobia.

Unhealthy? Yes! and I am working on finding balance. I hope to share my journey with you in due time. But while at it, we give our best. So please, if you feel this way, know you’re not alone. We stand together and we will be fine.


I salute all MBA students especially MBA’20 and our esteemed Faculties – you’re amazing! and we appreciate you. Truly, it takes discipline and good support to pull through. Be rest assured, we will survive. It can be stressful and a lot of work but please hang in there, take it one step at a time. We will make it to the end successfully. Now, I truly understand the need for groups and I’m appreciating its benefits as much as the stress.

Now: the mathematical drama of the week

The wise Darren Whissen, Director of Research at Waveland LLC ones said:

“No matter how strong one’s financial model is, if one cannot write a logical, compelling story, then investors are going to look elsewhere. And in business, that means death.”

With this epic speech, it is obvious that an in-depth knowledge of finance and data interpretations is imperative to good business management and winning strategies. Knowingly, as an MBA student in LBS, I have no excuse, I cannot run or hide from Data analytics and Corporate Finance Accounting. Boy! These courses are interesting and challenging. Just when you think you got it figured out… boom! Another one! *in DJ Khalid’s voice*

An Ode to the esteemed Guru Le professeur

This week, we had our first session with the Data Analytics guru – Dr. Okoye, and I must say it was an interesting lecture. It felt magical and illuminating. Honestly, this was the first time I was leaving a DA class inspired, fulfilled, and unafraid. I could finally connect – I understood the how, the what, and when to use each formula; the basis for the application; and the conduit of interpretation.

A successful domestic practice

Furthermore, I applied the new finance and data analytics skills adopted to a budget discussion with Hubs this morning and the result was as much hilarious as productive. Fortunately, I was ready for the drama and well prepared for the worst-case scenario. Two (2) paragraphs into my persuasive presentation, I received a notification. Before I could pause, he said;

“Honey, please check your phone, besides, all these grammar and matrix, just to show you are an LBS student eh? Wahala, for who no go school. Just simple budget discussion, you are giving me percentages and using words like deferred payments, sensitivity analysis, confidence level, market uncertainties blah blah blah. Babe, please, take the card too so we avoid all uncertainties.”

I laughed so hard that I fell to the floor. He got my point, I wasn’t interested in a long conversation, so confusion was the trick and it worked – I got the cash and extra. So amidst the stress, I will agree that my fees are definitely paying off.

Well, I better take a bow now and return to Data Analytics.

See you next time. Stay happy and stay safe.

Article by Ezinne Okuku

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