My LBS Experience

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When I got the email with my admission offer from Lagos business school I was initially excited as I had been wanting to do an MBA for a number of years. However, the doubts started creeping in as is normal with any change in one’s life or starting something new. Would I be able to cope with school work, taking care of the family (husband and 2 girls), work and the distance to school ( mainland)? I made up my mind to just start without overthinking it to death (my usual modus operandi).

Building Relationships

On the first day in school, I had already missed about 2 weeks of the brush-up sessions, so it was like I was a fish out of water. My coursemates were already talking about assignment deadlines and I could see that relationships had already formed in the classroom. Being someone who is reserved and puts up walls around me (something I am working on), it took some time to put those walls down. It was somewhat overwhelming but I forged on. Dividing us into smaller groups has helped me build better relationships.


In terms of academics, I came in with fears of accounting and to my surprise, it is not as bad as I thought. Upon starting, I came to discover other courses like Analysis of Business problems which challenged my thinking and decision-making process. I would come to class thinking I had dissected the case study but by the end of the class, I would leave floored and humbled as the decision process would be entirely different from mine. I would almost like I have nothing going up there.

Other courses like Data Analysis have challenged me as well as I have huge challenges dealing with numbers. It’s as if my brain freezes when I see numbers. Writing the blog three times a week for the Management communication course is another challenge I have experienced as I am more of a technical and concise writer so meeting the word count can sometimes be a problem.

Settling In

I’m slowly settling in, learning to schedule and manage my time better to ensure that no part of my personal or academic life suffers. The school workload is a lot but I think I am finding creative ways to handle it. Exams are around the corner; the jitters are up but we move. We shall prevail.

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  1. I remember resuming late as well Winnie. It was as if I should enter the ground because I had no clue how intense the program was, but I’m glad we’re adapting well. Wonderful write up Edwina. Totally relatable.

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