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My undergraduate degree was in engineering, I had no experience with financial accounts. This has made me struggle with one of my courses corporate financial accounting (CFA). It takes me a longer time to figure out what the facilitator is explaining but over time it has gotten better. 

When I resumed here at LBS, my first class was cooperating financial accounting. The facilitator seemed like a pretty cool person. I liked his style of teaching because he tried to carry everyone along and encouraged us to ask questions when we lost and he also did not mind going back over and over again till we got it. At this point, we were still getting familiar with the terminologies and because we had not started not working on practical examples, I still had limited understanding of the full picture. Recently, we started working with examples i.e., using numbers and this has helped to broaden my understanding of the topics.

We get a lot of classwork and assignments which I believe helps us practice more and just because anybody can be called upon at any time to solve the questions in class, we are all on our toes. This type of teaching our facilitator has adopted is the best for calculation courses I believe because unlike reading courses that you can just cram; calculations require frequent practice in order to familiarize with the process. Also, I have learnt that putting in an effort to practice these assignments is even more important than getting the final answers because in practice, you make mistakes and when the correction is done, you learn from your mistakes and this broaden your thinking process. The facilitator also involves both in class participants and those online. From time to time while he is teaching in class, he focuses on those online so they are not left behind in any way. They are also told to teach the class and then he ensures they get the task before we move ahead. 

Having a good understanding that your students are from a vast background and majority have no understanding of your course requires you to be very patient and this is something our facilitator has a lot of. He also encourages us to meet up with him in case we need further clarification.Recently, I joined the data analytics club and I found out the same facilitator leads the club. Though this is one is fully online, he carries us along the same way. The same way majority of the class was not used to CFA, most of us are meeting data analytics for the first time. In DA club, we are taught to use programming languages to examine data, clean, visualize it, interpret it and make projections from the data. Our facilitator has made us see practical applications of this course and this has helped me appreciate it more and also build my interest in it. My set joined the club towards the end of the year because we resumed September so we cannot catch up with them yet but soon they should start all over again and we can get as much as possible too.

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