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Sundays I cry,

Mondays I cry,

Tuesdays I cry,

Wednesdays I cry,

Thursdays I cry,

Fridays I cry,

Saturdays I cry,

I don’t love crying but that’s the only way I ease out pain, tension, emotional happiness, worry, fear, uncertainty, and a lot of mixed emotions. I know if put in a lot of effort, determination, and consistent practice I can do it. It’s troubling for me to ask for help most times because people see me as brave and outspoken, but it’s not the case I muster at least 95% of my heartbeat rate just to talk and that’s exhausting for me. I hold my head up high and walk upright in crowds and I raise my hands in class but that also requires 98% of strength of me holding my breath to be courageous. 

I am upset most of the time. Why can I do these effortlessly?

It’s a jungle in my programme we all came from different backgrounds. It’s a bit hard for us to really get along now but I honestly think it should be that hard its basically understanding and communication how hard could it be? Instead, some of us neither want to be rational thinks or irrational they decide too just be…. its frustrating. 

I have a hard time seeing why people thing I a am a bold person, am I ?  I hardly even talk in class most of the time. It’s like facilitators just love to call my name mostly out of the blues sometimes I am not paying attention for a second and they go like this IFECHUKWU what’s the Objective? “Me flustered and shocked with inner thoughts why this is now happening to me right now” Now that’s a COLD CALL.

I really like cold calls it makes me come back to the class.

I have finally decided to not hold on to what people think and just be myself and let my emotions out when I feel the need to do so. 

I really wish I could go and on about my life on tis blog, 

Before I forget I am a published author I wrote my first book 3 years ago. 

So writing has always been a hobby of mine. 

Bye Guys…


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