When I first got my admission letter into LBS I was very excited, too excited that I would rather use the word Ecstatic. Shortly after I sent an acknowledgement mail stating I had accepted the admission, I got another email with a zoom link that I should be in class at 6:00pm. Wow! what school wouldn’t give you time to properly rejoice and share the good news with friends and family before engaging you.

Soon after it was past time and I joined in, though some minutes late and it was Management Communication pre module class. I didn’t quite understand what was being taught so I kept staring at the faculty hoping I wasn’t the only lost student but it was a zoom class so I couldn’t see the reaction on other faces. I had never been so confused during lectures as much as I was on this day. Maybe it was because I joined in late or I was absent minded or I didn’t know what to expect from an executive MBA or maybe I needed some more time to take it all in that I have been awarded admission or for whatever reason but I needed to catch my breath so immediately after the class I sighed heavily and the only thing that came to my head was “It’s as if this school will be hard o” lol

Fast forward to the first intensive week and it was time for Management Communication class, I didn’t know what to expect because English is one course that always catch you unawares or let’s say that’s how I have perceived the course from time.

  We walk in from lunch after our group meeting and I see a lady with a really low cut, first thing that comes to mind is this lady must have so much confidence to rock this look, so I sat up even more eager even though i don’t know what to expect. The faculty introduced herself as Mrs Atinuke and she wasn’t speaking from her nostrils but she sounded rather articulate, her lecture was quite engaging as she paced round the class. Soon I realised she had rubbed off on us so easily that we began to pick our words carefully while responding to questions. Her eyes spoke louder than her voice whenever we pronounced a word incorrectly and with one stare we were on auto correct. It came with ease and soon enough I realised that to speak correctly, we must be deliberate.

One word that stood out was CLARITY. A student had pronounced it as “Clearity” and that sprung up a conversation on the need to understand the origin of words, practice proper pronunciations and learn to speak well. After that class, it was as though something fired up in me and there was a need to properly proof read every time I write, pick my words carefully, think of the right words that best suit a situation or sentence before I speak or write and the need to communicate clearly without assuming the other person should understand.



Utannah Dania in General
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