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Firstly, you may be wondering why it is necessary to sell to the international market.
International trade is a very important factor for a country’s economic growth. While it creates employments for people, it reduces poverty on the hand.

Take Nigeria for instance, Nigeria is currently undergoing inflation and that has affected every sector of lifestyle from feeding to surviving and managing expenses.

You would want to think of better ways to create opportunities and be a part of those breaking barriers in your various communities, here is how:

Let’s take wig making for example judging as a professional in the beauty and wellness industry, as a wig maker, the very first thing you should consider is to up skill your abilities to suit the international market, whereby you study what they need and offer it professionally to them, this will help you to be well equipped and be in better position to play in the industry among other competitors.

Another thing to consider is knowing your target market an example is the black community in the U.S, UK etc, sometimes need hairs such as afro, braids, crochets and so on, to remind them of their roots and cultures. Why don’t you go ahead and create it, launch it into the market like some other wig brands already do, fine tune yours to suit your niche. Same goes to the creation of ventilated hairs (closures, frontal, 360 closures), which can also be exported to various countries.

Other ways you can have successful sales in the international market is by ensuring you have a well secured partnership with trusted logistics companies. If logistic is good, sales operations will be better.

There are other tips and tricks you will need to know about selling your wigs to the global market and that includes copywriting, customer care service, content creation, social media management, photography and more.

While the above example seem resourceful and sustainable. They are other skills one can get acquainted and scale up with in the international market either in digital form or otherwise, like art, tie and dying adire, making handcrafted materials like baskets, handbags, hand fans, beads to mention a.

Remember, a lot of people in the diaspora wants to connect to their routes and having created a market of such for yourself already exposes you to global opportunities.

Thinking about other things to do to be in that space?
Firstly, go back to the drawing board, ask yourself what gives you fulfillment and what you may have passion for.
Then, strategise on how you want to go about it and don’t forget you need to enhance your skills to get better, time is of the essence, so make sure you do it professionally.
If you do not have the time and skill to be in the front end, you can outsource, after all, working smart never goes out of fashion but ensure you atleast have basic knowledge of the job to be done so that quality control of your products is kept on check while creating employment for the masses.


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