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The Lagos Business School is located at the heart of the Eti-Osa local government area of Lagos State by the major driveway with the signpost conspicuously sighted. Driving or walking into the school environment brings a consciousness that sends a message to your RAS of a new sight with this feeling that there is something different with where you are. The sight depicts an environment that is different and makes you ask if I’m still in Nigeria or maybe somewhere out of Nigeria.

I’m sure this is usually a similar experience for all who visit the school and beholds the beautiful landscape and greenery sight, as it was for me with a deeper feeling that transcends and communicates learning. Each time I drive into the school compound, I’m renewed by this well-designed drive and walk path, capped with green grasses and trees planted intentionally for refreshing and rejuvenating. This sight calms my nerves, giving it relief from the busy road and the different driving skill that is required to be on the road in Lagos leading to the school.

The environment automatically creates a renewed strength for learning as it is obvious that from the gate your RAS immediately induces the urge to start figuring out the right thing to do. You start with figuring out the right path to walk or drive through as the setting suggests total compliance and induced most time with other people you meet around the environment doing the right thing too, suggesting a sane environment that would leave you with no choice but to comply. The greetings from the gate with a welcoming smile by the member at the security post to the cleaners, the nonacademic member willing and very ready to assist and make sure you get through with whatever you have come to achieve.

Thinking of LBS gives the feeling and yearning for learning and on entering the compound, you are greeted in a way that starts accentuating this learning, finding your way through the school environment also brings the learning even closer with its beautifully crafted artworks and paintings well positioned; and settling down into the classroom with all the learning aid well positioned and the IT members confirming that all is working well at all times. The sitting arrangement and the ambiance with in the classrooms further these feelings by having the Faculties always ready and willing to impart.

These world-class learning experiences created in and around the school compound make it competitive with its counterparts abroad, having one thinking if there is still the need to clamor for going for MBA studies abroad. I think the response to it will be no and a good one for Nigeria to the world that suggest we have all it takes to be reckoned with because all that is required, is the willingness and can-do attitude nurtured to establish the concept with professionalism practiced as a tone from the top and cascading down to the least.

This has worked for LBS because the culture of service has been created and emblem in the minds of its members at all levels with the strong will to replicate same to all who come in for either a visit or for learning.

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