Avoiding Procrastination and Gaining Mastery and Control Over One’s Life

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Procrastination comes from the unwillingness to do what is needed to be done at the recommended timeframe but rather choosing to adjourn the given task to a more convenient time. Procrastination of course, comes with its effects, it deprives one of the happiness and fulfillment that would have been derived, if the task at hand was completed in due time. Of course, in this write-up, I hope to go into more detail how one can be in control of his life.

Life is made up of choices. They could be good or they could be bad. It is said, our choices today will define our life tomorrow. Man will always find himself at decision-crossroads, as we all fall victims of our choices, either good or bad. Choices defines us. This brings us to our next question;

Can a man truly have absolute control over his choices?

Well, this can be sufficiently answered when we first of all consider man as a subject. Man is considered a higher animal, that possesses the power of intellectual knowledge and appetition, as opposed to animals that act solely based on instinct, they do not act in order to achieve something, but respond to their stronger impulse.

This makes man a rational thinker, capable of choosing between the right option or the wrong one, depending on the situation and emotions at work.

However, besides sensitive feelings, man also has intelligence; the ability to act in view of future objectives, this can not be perceived by feelings. This is where the issue of control comes into play. Man will only have control over his life to the degree of one’s knowledge and the decision to subject his will and emotions to rational and intellectual choices.

One can truly be in control of his life when his intelligence rather than his emotions plays the directive role in his daily choices. This will in turn educate his emotions and over time, put them under control. It lies within a man’s control to determine which reason moves him. Choices enslave us, bad choices today will definitely limit our freedom of choice tomorrow.

It is therefore imperative to cultivate and nurture the right habits and emotions. Emotional factors play a very crucial role to achieving success in the pursuit of attaining control over oneself. More useful than telling one to have a different emotion or maintain a particular emotion as the situation demands, is to show them the reasons for acting in different ways and what its effect will be in the long and short-term. This does not take out the role of our emotions in our day-to-day life but brings into perspective the realm of rational thinking that can be a more qualified guide in making our day-to-day decisions.

Men will not always act rationally because of emotions but can be trained and educated to make more informed decisions that will bring more fulfillment and happiness in the long-term. This is one of the ways one can gain control and mastery over one’s life.

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