Peace of mind can be referred to as a mental state of calmness and tranquility, or a freedom from worry and anxiety. Is it possible to achieve this, I wonder? Trust me, I love my safety and comfort zone and would do all that is within my power to keep protecting it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting to know people; however, I also like my space.

Coming to LBS and learning that “participation” is key, I felt trapped as most of the time the words do get muddled up or asking a particular question was inappropriate (how wrong was I?). That feeling of nervousness I had kept hidden all these years resurfaced and I could feel my heart literally pounding, threatening to burst out of its chambers. Is it too late to seek a refund, I ask again?

The beginning of LBS was tongue-tied for me, yet I had lots of questions but could not summon enough courage to ask. As I watched my fellow executives ask diverse questions, my fear began to dwindle. Slowly and gradually, I understood that the concept was not to intimidate anyone, but rather to ensure that the executives actually understood what had been taught.

Participation actually allows the faculty to have a good sense of where the participants are, as well as the need to pull back a bit and reiterate or rephrase for better comprehension. They also get to learn from the students.

Moreso, I observed that no question is unreasonable. From the first day we walk into any learning institute, teachers know that we (students) do not grasp at the same time. Some get the meaning instantly, while others would need more time to grasp and apply what has been taught. These questions often generate avenues for more clarification. “Na talk dey bring talk,” as an African proverb goes. From what you say or ask, there is more clarity. Keep the questions coming.

Furthermore, participation shows that an executive has been attentive to what has been taught. Full concentration can be translated to mean turning off your phones (which I must say many of us find difficult to abide by), reading your case study before the class (take or jot down points you may want to share in the class or want more clarity on), making use of the restroom, and being seated before the teacher walks into the class.

Finally, during one of the classes, the faculty asked a question, and it seemed most executives did not have the exact answer. I shared my response with someone and the person said that could not be the answer. After pondering on what to do, I raised my hand and gave my response. Guess what, it turns out, that was the appropriate response. My confidence level soared to another level, and I learnt never to second guess myself. You either know it or you do not. Irrespective of whatever response you give, know that learning is continuous till the day we breathe our last. I have been as active in class participation, as my inquisitive nature has wanted to learn more. I will keep you updated. However, do not be silent, especially when you think of LBS fees.


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