We got back to Benin city on Sunday and I had my friends waiting to see me. I counted the money I had made on that trip and it was well over #5,000, i reached out to Ify my friend who didn’t live far from the house and told her I’ll see her the next day, which was Monday and we would go get something from New Benin market. Though i didn’t tell her what it was, but from her voice she sounded really excited. Next day came and at 9:00am I was at her house, we set out and started bag hunting-youthful exuberance “SMH”, we had searched not long before we found a store that sold really good bags and while i was looking through their collections i found the XYZ bag, you needed to have seen how happy I was and after some good negotiations we concluded at #4,800. I paid for the bag and we both went home. We got home just in time and my mum was still away at work so I went straight to my room, placed the bag on my bed and left the house to see another friend.

At the time I returned at night, my mum had gotten back from work. I greeted her and headed straight to my room but my mum followed me and as soon as I entered the room she helped me shut the door behind. I knew something was wrong but she was so calm and hadn’t said much when I followed through with her eyes and figured she was staring right on the bed. It was my new bag, my mum had seen it while I was out visiting my friend and was waiting for my return.

Sit Ejo! as she proceeded to take a sit as well, my heart skipped. I knew this wont end well or so I thought, My mum didn’t raise her voice but spoke so calmly, another surprise lol. She called my name again and her first words were this- Is this a priority? pointing to the bag, I was mute so she continued speaking. She told me of how she knew I was saving the money she gave me while in Abuja and that was why she never left the house without dropping cash for me. How she knew I ate the provision as my main meal and why she always brought back salad and anything she could lay her hands on her way back from her training centre and how she was happy doing it because she felt I will use the money eventually for something substantial when I returned. Maybe add to my pocket money when I finally get admitted into the University, because we were hopeful my admission will turn out good that year.

She told me how it was ok to buy a bag and look good but what isn’t acceptable is that I chose to live beyond my means, whilst the talk was ongoing she asked – Do you know where your Aunty works? I knew it wasn’t for me to answer though so i kept staring while she spoke, Your Aunty woks in an NGO, they pay her so well yet you chose to buy what she owns! are you aware that life is in stages and growth in phases? At this time I was almost in tears, i knew i had messed up and could see the disappointment on her face and how she wanted me to do better going forward.

We had a heart-heart conversation that night and some of the key lessons still sticks in my head and that shaped my reasoning and attitude towards certain life decisions till date.

“There is time for everything, You must find Contentment at every stage in life and grow from there, life is in phases and understanding these in your journey in life will help you truly enjoy and appreciate your current position while working towards the next level.


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