Dreams Do Come True



I consider myself an accidental Entrepreneur because I never dreamt of this journey. As a fresh Graduate, my dream was to secure a spot in Management Consulting and grow to become a sought-after Business Consultant. A few weeks after graduation, I hurriedly started writing my professional exams. The journey was exciting but challenging. I was not discouraged because I could not wait to become a Chartered Accountant.
The plan was to get qualified within Two years after graduation and get a job as a trainee Business Consultant or an Executive Assistant to a renowned Business Consultant.

A few years into the role, I will then apply for an MBA.

After the MBA program, I planned to get another job, serve for a minimum of 3 years and then apply for a partnership; I remember having a clear ten years career plan.

Life happened; my plans failed.

It started with my inability to fund my professional exams; I was broken but persevered and got a job in a manufacturing company.

I planned to save a part of my salary to pay for my exams, and life happened again.

My roommate relocated and left our shared rent bills for me to pay.

I had two options:- Get a new roommate to share the rent or use my savings.
I know you will say my village people were after me.

I could not find another roommate to share the bill with, so I used my savings.

A few weeks before the payment deadline, I got a soft loan from my company and paid for my exams.

The Examination was challenging. I failed.

I cried; I wept; I wailed.

What? How am I going to achieve my Goal?

I now have a loan to service, and for me to be able to achieve my dreams, I had to rewrite the exams and pay another fee. How am 1 going to cope?

At this time, my dream felt lofty.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue with the professional Exam because of funds.

I served in that company for just one year before getting another Job as a Trainee Accountant in a Food Company. As an SME, my role was beyond my job description. I was also involved in the production, marketing/sales, logistics, et cetera

I enjoyed the experience because it exposed me to the real world of business.

I learned the importance of structure and its role in Business growth. Shortly into that job, I was so excited with my findings that I started blogging about business. I shared learnings from my work experience and started growing a community. I got emails requesting my services. I helped some of my friends/readers write their business plans.

I became part of their advisory board member.

It was an exciting journey. That wasn’t how I planned out my career, but I could see myself becoming a Business consultant in such a short time.
Well, I wanted more.

I wanted to have rounded business knowledge.

I wanted to learn from experts with global exposure.

I will continue in my next blog on how I became an Entrepreneur and now an MBA candidate at the Prestigious Lagos Business School.
Before I say Good Bye, I was reflecting on my MBA learnings and decided to share my journey with you.
Stay on the lookout for part 2

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