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One of the courses I take here at LBS is Data Analytics (DA). Next to ABP this is favorite not just because it is applicable to every area of my  life but also because of the approach the facilitator uses in teaching the course. He literally breaks it down into fragments and teaches us in doses. The class doesn’t make progress until a considerable amount of the class has a good understanding of the concept being taught.

Currently, we are dealing with probability. Although this not my first-time meeting probability but you know how when you have not studied a thing in a while, you tend to forget the logic behind it? That’s where I found myself. Thanks to my prof. I am getting back on track and I can boldly say I would do really well in this course because I really enjoy it. If I had been taught this same way in the university days, I’m sure I would not forget a thing.

Prof’s style of teaching as I mentioned is a major influence on my interest in this particular course. He sprinkles a bit of humor here and there during the lecture so we do not get overwhelmed and to be honest it works! Because we have literally so much to do and limited time so during classes, you have at the back of your mind undone tasks with close deadlines while still learning something new. 

Also, ensuring a good number of your students understand what you are teaching is just as important because these people can assist the rest of the class that are still struggling. For instance, it might be that a struggling student is not familiar with the terms the facilitator is using but when their colleague explains to them in the language they understand, the grab it once. 

Using treats to encourage the students is another technique the Prof uses to improve the class participation. He randomly asks questions and whoever gets it right would be getting some marks. So, whether you are sure of the answer or not, you would at least guess something because it might just be your lucky day to get some marks. This actually works a lot because the silent ones in class start to contribute and you never go wrong by contributing a quota in data class. He doesn’t make you feel bad about saying a stupid answer.

I also enjoy his life experiences he shares with us from time to time. He is a person that has passed through a lot of phases in life and has seen many things. So, from his pool of knowledge and view about life, he shares these experiences with us to guide us in making better decisions and not relenting. He also reads books a lot and refers some good books for us to check out. Though I haven’t started reading the books he has recommended but I always note them down.

You can tell from these points that my Prof is a good person and his classes are lively. So there’s good reason to look forward to each class every time because you cannot attend and not gain something useful. 

Written by Kolade Adetoro
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