Handling Anxiety and Frustration.

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After listening intently to the audio file on Handling Anxiety and Frustration, these are my understandings. In Managing stress and anxiety, we can challenge ourselves to rise to the occasion by:

  1. Reframing your mind: See that what you’re experiencing as anxiety is just Adrenaline waiting to be put to good use. Think of what the most beautiful thing will be to do and do it within the period where you’re experiencing this because adrenaline will help you do it better.
  2. Mindfulness: Feel sensations that come when you’re anxious. Be open to it and curious about it. Let yourself feel it. It helps you get out of worrying and ruminating about things and turn adrenaline into a peaceful drive. It is the best way to respond to distractions.

Negative emotion is ‘growth’ waiting to happen. Pointing to a challenge that will become when you grow. The most negative emotion is SHAME. Where you feel your limitations are showing, strategise you progress. Break it down into steps and make into smaller bits. Hold yourself to grow in the way that is most evident to you in that moment.

To stay optimistic: Invest in yourself. Advance in the skills you need to be a Master in your field.

One habit we should best focus on and try to really grow in is when we are tempted to complain or dread something, reframe it into an opportunity for growth, learning or practice.

Patience consists of reframing and mindfulness, that you see how the challenge can bring out the best in you and you let yourself feel the discomfort and pain so you’re not trying to run from it.

With reframing and mindfulness, patience actually breaks vicious cycles and frees people to think positively about what kind of ideals they want to work for.

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