Lagos State: Ikorodu and the waterways

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The Lagos state government took a step in the right direction when she declared the waterways open for water transportation. What a sigh of relief for many Lagosians who reside within the Ikorodu axis and had to go to work on the island experiencing serious traffic situations on a daily basis; having to spend several hours on the road every other day, to and from. The extent of suffering such people go through cannot be quantified and over-emphasized. They have come to accept their fate and live with such hash situations that living in Ikorodu has thrown at their faces.

One cannot but praise the Lagos state government for thinking out of the box so as to actualize this laudable feat. The people of Ikorodu and its environs now have a very good and cogent reason for being a resident of the once “dreaded” and seemingly forsaken Ikorodu town.

Ikorodu, as the town is called, up until now happens to be a dreaded location for a lot of Lagosian. This is partly because the area, few years ago was seen as an under-developed location in Lagos where no one wanted to associate with, as it was regarded as a bush. No thanks also to the fact that Ikorodu township was known to be very fetish and filled with idol worship. The dreaded “Oro” ritual, where women were commanded to stay indoors was a no compromise for the elders in Ikorodu land. This is strictly carried out and respected by all and sundry.

The afore mentioned about Ikorodu made it a place that people never really wished to reside in. Ikorodu became a last resort for several people that found themselves there. The fact that it is very easy to get a landed property at Ikorodu is also a good reason why people began to migrate to the location in spite of the fetish nature of the indigenes; no thanks to the fact that population was scanty, and no one was ready to come over to reside there. Selling out landed properties at a very cheap and affordable rate was a ploy to encourage more people to migrate to the land. 

The first major breakthrough for the people of Ikorodu came when the then governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola constructed a very standard dual carriage roads to and from Ikorodu to link with Ketu and Ojota axis of the state. People began to move enmasse into the Ikorodu axis, and in no time a population explosion took place. This was so massive and a whole lot of development began to happen to Ikorodu town and massive constructions of buildings and factories began to take place. Alas! Ikorodu became a place where everyone wants to settle in.

Just as the people of Ikorodu were still basking in the euphoria of the amenities accorded them in terms of good roads, electricity and massive government hospitals, the same government of Babatunde Fashola built a world-class ferry terminal for the people of Ikorodu and rolled out licenses for private operators who are willing to partner with the government on this audacious course. Boom! That was it. More people began to throng into the town in an unprecedented manner, so much that population has exploded at an alarming rate. I must state at this juncture, that, people are beginning to canvas for an “Ikorodu state”. Such people are of the opinion that due to the population explosion of the state and going by the mineral and human resources Ikorodu can boast of; it is high time they had their own state.

The advent of water transportation, which was made possible by the Lagos state government has made Ikorodu dwellers to be greeted with a new and better lifestyle, as they need not rush to move from Ikorodu to mainland. They have the option of moving on the waters with speed ferries which were provided by government and the private sector participation. For them, a journey that will take four hours on the road can now take them just twenty-five minutes through the waterways. What a new lease of life. Workers now take their time to have good sleep and wake up as at, when necessary, instead of the usual 3am mad rush to various offices just to beat the everyday heavy traffic. Theirs is now a stress-free lifestyle; little wonder why many people keep thronging into Ikorodu town in droves.

I am indeed proud to be a resident of Ikorodu town. All thanks to Lagos state government.

Andrew Omeike


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