Living In Nigeria is becoming Scary


I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way. Nigeria is getting scarier by the day.  It is no longer news that about 450 out of the 774 local government areas of Nigeria are devastated by unprecedented flooding.

Honestly, I  came here to rant.

How did we get here as a Country? I just read from Vanguard Newspaper a few hours ago about the Lagos government raising alarm, and telling residents in Ketu, Mile12, Alapere, Agric, Owode Onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri Olowora, Araromi Otun orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo Ogun, Owode Elede, Agboyi 1, Agboyi II, Agboyi III which are banks to the Ogun to be ready to relocate at any given time.

My question is “How can a Government tell its citizens to relocate? What plans do you have in place for them? Some of these people have all their family and friends in this region. Where do you expect them to go? This is heartbreaking.

I understand that flood is a Natural Disaster but why is our President traveling the World without addressing this crisis that is ravaging his people?

How does he sleep at night? I know leading a Country like Nigeria is not easy but why does he always choose silence during adversity? As an Elected Leader, we need him to speak to us.

It was reported that Bayelsa State has been cut off from the rest of the country with the floods covering the roads. This is a disaster. The president is yet to visit the state. He only shared a tweet.

The cost of food is alarming. A bag of Rice is almost N50,000.. The farms are flooded. Olam Nigeria, which produces a quarter of Nigeria’s rice, says 10,000 acres of its farmland have been submerged. People are speculating about Food scarcity.

Where do we go from here?

 Lagos State on the map makes the state’s Lagoon the convergence point of all water from the Ogun River, Ona Ibu River, Osun River, and Sasha River that runs across the many South West

As the Country’s  Economic Hub and largest city, If this Flood gets to Lagos state, Nigeria is Finished.  It will take years for a country that is already suffering from an Economic crisis to recover.

I am truly scared. May God Help us.

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