Part 2. Journey of a law student to business school.

Anunobi ifechukwu Written by Anunobi ifechukwu · 1 min read >

Hi once again it’s me so last time I was talking to you guys about how emailing was the next Whatsap in Business school. So this is me really thinking I am the only one not understanding a whole lot the lecturer says in class. “point of correction” I recently found out they are not called lecturers they are called facilitators that’s interesting. I know I didn’t really have a solid background in math from high school, fair enough for someone to ask so why business school? Business school is all about numbers. To be honest I want to fight my fear of math I may be quite old now but I don’t think I want my brain to get old with me I think my brain is supposed to age with wisdom too, don’t you think so? Well this is me trying to fight through all odds and sleepless nights that I must pass with God on my side.Honestly nothing is possible without God.

This morning I had to round up my Nature of human being assignment and I stumbled on a documentary of what Saudi Arabian women go through in there for them to flee from their country. I literally spent 30 minutes crying its very gruel-some what most of this women go through. I don’t know how to help I really want to be. human activist but where do I even start from. Would I even be able to help? well back to getting chores done in the house then in am sitting on my bed with my aching back trying to run through everything I learnt in data Analytics. “PROBABILITY” whew who even thought about probability. *crying* Sigh …. But I cant give up. I keep reading sometimes I think I am getting a hang of it then I forget what the formula was. God knows I am really trying my best and putting In my all. I cant let ,myself down, I cant let my parents down, I cant let my siblings down and I cant let my facilitators down. All this is a weight on me now. 11:49pm still reading probability and typing my blog on my bed. Why don’t I have a reading table yet for the past 3 weeks this is really not fair. My sister had promised me a table for the past 1 week and I am still yet to see one I hate junior sisters.

Guys I hope you really can relate through my blog? I just really want to do my very best coming from a home schooled girl its really hard trying to socialise and understand a lot of things that are still new to me. I try as much as I can to prevent anyone knowing I was home schooled and I dint know a lot of things actually. I really enjoy wring my thoughts down its so magical and relaxing I am so lucky I am so fast with typing on the keyboards I feel so supper fast *laughs* this could be my super power don’t you think .

Goodnight guys let me let you all sleep, while go back to trying to understand my probability with God by my side and my aching back *sighs* I really need a table this is killing me.

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