Things that make people happy

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  1. Playing Football
  2. Baking
  3. Writing
  4. Solving Problem
  5. Travelling
  6. Helping people
  7. Mingling with friends
  8. Building Businesses
  9. Teaching
  10. Making people happy
  11. Meeting people
  12. Being with family.
  13. Food
  14. Seeing people Happy
  15. Personal Space
  16. Volunteering 
  17. Customer Service
  18. Fitness and Gym
  19. Hiking
  20. Dancing
  21. Praying
  22. Trying New things.
  23. daydreaming

Further Discussion on things that make people happy.

  1. Classifying the list into intrinsic and extrinsic goods.


  1. Playing Football
  2. Writing
  3. Solving Problem
  4. Travelling
  5. Helping people
  6. Mingling with friends
  7. Teaching
  8. Making people happy
  9. Meeting people
  10. Being with family.
  11. Seeing people Happy
  12. Personal Space
  13. Volunteering
  14. Fitness and Gym
  15. Hiking
  16. Dancing
  17. Praying
  18. Trying New things.
  19. daydreaming


  1. Food
  2. Customer Service
  3. Building Businesses
  4. Baking

2. Basis for the classification.

Extrinsic goods are a means of achieving intrinsic goods; they are designed to address issues that will result in intrinsic goods. For example, food addresses issues of hunger, customer service addresses issues of employment and client satisfaction, baking addresses issues of employment and hunger, and building business addresses employment issues.

The 19 items in the above list that make up the category of intrinsic goods are all necessary for a person’s fulfilment on their own.

3.    Difficulties experienced during the classification and how it was resolved.

It was challenging for me to classify some of the factors that contributed to the happiness of other people. For example, I had a hard time deciding how to classify teaching because it might be seen as a job, which would make it an example of something that belongs in the category of extrinsic goods. On the other hand, I was able to recall that the presenter taught in a voluntary capacity, and that the primary goal of teaching is the transmission of information to students.

4.   My personal favourite in the list above.

Daydreaming is the activity that I like the most personally. I find that I can achieve a high level of contentment and relaxation by walking around, sitting, or sleeping down and thinking about the past or daydreaming about the future, respectively.

5.  Difference between the two categories of good

Extrinsic goods are those that are obtained from the outside and solve problems; nonetheless, they do not in and of themselves generate happiness or a sense of fulfillment. On the other hand, intrinsic goods are those that come from the outside and contribute to the well-being as well as the enjoyment and fulfillment of a person.

6.  My greatest insight gotten from the exercise.

The knowledge and comprehension I gained as a result of finding out that there was a categorization of man’s fulfillment was the most beneficial takeaway for me from participating in this exercise. Before I realized that making money is an external benefit that cannot on its own bring fulfillment, I had allowed it to be the primary source of my contentment. However, I have now learnt that this is not the case. As a result of the shift in my perspective, I now place a greater priority on the intangible aspects of my life that bring the most satisfaction to me, such as my relationships with my friends and family.

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