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Sometimes in 2015, I decided to improve my career trajectory by getting more education or certification; I thought of the best way to go about it – is it a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certification – or a proper Master of Business Administration (MBA) education? Some unexpected events truncated my plans and I abandoned both ideas. Fast forward to the close of year 2021 when I was doing a self-evaluation for the year that was ending and setting new set of goals for the coming year 2022, I revisited my long-time abandoned career progression; I decided to settle for an MBA. Lagos Business School (LBS) readily came to mind because of several factors:

  • I have the option of retaining my job and still get a quality business education on part time basis.
  • The dollar cost of the program at LBS is relatively cheap compared to its peers globally and can be paid in 6 instalments.
  • There is value addition and value for money, gauging by the quality of the faculty and content being thought.
  • There is a rich network of Alumni body.
  • The Return on Investment has been said to be substantial – testimonials from the past participants.

After all considerations, I applied for Executive MBA and was scheduled for both written and oral exams which I aced brilliantly. Consequently, LBS offered me a provisional admission which I happily accepted.

It is customary for LBS to start a program with an orientation; ours was not different as my class, Modular Executive Master of Business Administration, MEMEBA 11, was taken through the Pros and Cons of the journey ahead. The faculty members took their times to explain the rudiment and the structure of the program. Some of my classmates were excited while some had mixed feelings. I was somewhere in the middle because I initially thought the MBA program would be a pushover, but that was a wrong notion. Again, I was beginning to fall in love with my new education sojourn because of the supposed prospects that I believe, lie ahead of me.

Before long, I realised that LBS carefully crafted the curriculum to make teaching and learning easy for the faculty and the participants. For instance, the courses students undertake in the first semester are the building blocks for the entire program. Courses like; Analysis of Business Problem, Management Communication, Corporate Financial Analysis and Data Analytics. Also, the teaching method adopted by the faculty is the participatory method which mandates every student to contribute meaningfully to every class discussion. Usually, the faculty members give us some cases to study and analyse before the class. So, if a student did not study the cases before coming to class and such student is randomly picked by the faculty, that could be counted as negative participation and this, attracts penalty – participation accounts for 30 per cent of the 100 per cent of the grade for almost all the courses at LBS. I am getting along nicely, and it is so far, so good.



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