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Do you know that popular saying “all that glitters is not gold”? Well, that is the typical Lagos Island life. Social media and Nollywood had portrayed Lagos Island to be a mini heaven 😂.  I have always wanted to experience this Island life because of what I have seen. I have always been on the mainland majorly all my life, so when I got my admission into LBS I was happy, finally, I’m moving to the island.

Let me share a little experience about my relocation to the Island.

First, moving to the Island hasn’t been easy, these Lagos agents can be so stressful 😂, sending you different houses with little or zero interest 😂. While praying not to get scammed, I also had to always come from the mainland to the island to see these houses, and most times I was not impressed. “Maybe I will just join most classes online” this thought was always coming to my mind because I was getting tired and LBS classes are hybrid.

Finally, I met a serious agent, I paid for an inspection, and the very first house he sent, I was interested, to avoid delay, I paid instantly and yes, I finally I got a conducive apartment. Moving into my new apartment was a bit stressful, packing and cleaning, were not things I like doing voluntarily, but I couldn’t avoid this. In this new place the electricity is zero, how will I cope with school I asked myself.

Now finally school resumes. The first few weeks in school were actually interesting, getting to meet my new colleagues and also the faculty. It wasn’t hard for me because I love meeting new people and in no time, I made friends. Preparing for classes hasn’t been stressful, most times I wake up early to get to school on time, to prepare for lectures, and also to finish up with assignments. Waking up early is something I am used too already

Let’s talk about feeding, the price of food items are ridiculously expensive on the Island and with school stress, there is actually no time to cook.  LBS meals to the rescue 😂, the food is actually very nice, with great taste and pocket friendly. Although, I miss my bread and beans from Iya Titi in Surulere but I kind of like the bread and beans here too.

The lecturers in LBS are actually very nice too, and one thing I’m getting used to now is the class participation. Class participation hasn’t been my thing in the past but in LBS, I just have to get used to it because it is as important as exams, so I practice mostly at night so I can have enough points before classes. With LBS dress codes, I really don’t have to worry about fashion and all of that, it’s not my thing so I’m glad we have a dress code anyways.

My experience so far has been good and exciting except for the fact that there is always no light in my new apartment, I hope it gets fixed soon.  Anyways catch up with you all next week.

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