Why Love Seems So Far

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Though Dating and finding love online seems to be the most common thing these days. I mean this is 2022, the year of the digital age, the age where even the tiniest detail is online.  This is the year (years preceding) this that I found out that anything can be sold online.

I mean the other day I saw someone influencing for agbalumo(cherry).

Let us not digress. So I would be taking us on some reasons love may be ‘dodging’ you. Everyday we see stories of ‘I said yes’, ‘we met online’ , ‘I married my best friend’ and it seems all these is far from you ?

Don’t take my words for it but here are some reasons you may not have found your significant other

  1. Putting Too Much Out There

Yes, there is such a thing as ‘TMI’ (too much information). I wish we could go back to the days when people had some shame and we kept some things private because the way the world is set up lately, every tiny detail of your life is online. Be mysterious! Always try to keep it short and simple even if you want to ‘create sensation, thread with caution. Leave some things to the imagination.

  • Know what you want

There are many fishes in the sea, but remember some fishes are not what they present to be. There are a lot of guys and girls online that sometimes it get difficult to know exactly which is for you. The first step in getting what you want is knowing exactly what it is you need. Someone once said ‘writing things down’ makes it easy for you to achieve them.

  • Having an air of mystery around you

some people think being mysterious is a thing to be proud of. Yes, have an air of mystery around you. But do not over do things. This is 2022, and people are not ready to start unbundling the layers you have built around you. Finding the perfect match is one step, going on an actual date is another. Have light and easy conversations on the first date and do not give away too much unnecessary information. Wait for subsequent dates for that.

  • Stay Real

The urge to act fake and put up a persona that is not you is strong especially as we are all behind a screen. Try as best as you can to remain your true authentic self. Selling false hope to people will always come back to haunt you. Be honest about who you are including your physical looks and through to your character.

Finding Love online is as possible as finding it in person. Do not put yourself in an form of unnecessary pressure and take your time to decode on what you want and make the right choice for you. Only get close to people you feel an actual connection with.

P.S: remember the world is full of all sorts of careful.

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