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MBA is a powerful tool in life because it helps ones career path. Growing up as a child, my mum was one person I admired a lot and wanted to grow up to be like. She was exceptional from every other colleague of hers. I noticed that, any time I was in the office, people will be coming in to make enquires or asking questions about one thing or another. out of curiosity, I asked why people were fund of her. she responded by saying that she had more experience than them on the job, that majority of them were just BSc holders but she had an MBA which gave her the edge over them. immediately after that conversation I decided that I was going to do an MBA because I wanted to be like my mum and even better.

Fast-forward to my BSc days, I joined Nestle west Africa as an intern and worked under the supervision of a grate man who gave me reasons to why I needed an MBA. Working under him, I discovered that I had lapses in something’s that qualifies one as a good leader. I was terrible in communication paying attention to details and working in team.


One very fateful day, my boss asked me to work in a team with my other colleagues. I took up the responsibilities but I had difficulties in giving out information to everybody at the same time. This made us to finish a job we should have finished in one week in three weeks; at this point I just knew that I needed to speak with someone. After the project, I had a conversation with my boss as to how he was able to acquire all the attributes I lacked. I was surprise to hear that that there is a course “leadership skills” which helps a lot of armatures to gain self confidence . At this point again, I knew that I really needed an MBA to help me improve on myself.



I got a job after my BSc in a reputable organization as an HR assistant. Part of my job description was to receive letters on behalf of my office, go through the content and document them. I realised that I failed in my duties because I was not reading them in details so when its time to write a report or something, I always gave shallow responds instead of a detailed one


At this point, I finally realised that I really needed to improve on myself if i needed to go higher in life by applying for an MBA.

Sylvia Hogan


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