Why Am I Taking the MBA Program?

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How Long would it take me to attain a GM post and start to earn big bucks?

 Growing up in a household of bankers, both parents were always busy. Family time on the weekends were filled with stories on work, challenges, office politics, ethical dilemmas and how to avoid them. I held fast on these learnings.

Working at IDHS and leading a small marketing team was one of the ‘hurdles’. I had to teach them to bring customers into the company by making them see our services as more important to their business than anything else. tough but yes! we made it work and my team brought in 72 customers in a space of 2 weeks, something other teams could not achieve in 3 months. this won us the CEOs award of Excellence.

That’s not to say there were no failures because losing the Octo5 account was a bitter pill to chew but we learnt from that ‘value is relative’, ‘we lose some and win most’. The most important thing is to keep moving.

Working finally in a bank and thinking back at the words of my parents, getting an opportunity to work with the Executive Director was a major leap in the right direction. I got to work early enough with Management team. How important is hard work and integrity? Is honesty still the best policy like my parents echoed?

Watching my boss at work daily answered some of these questions and the way she handled affairs with ease, I wanted that.

I was always eager to learn, I never joked with all learning opportunities, I always asked questions and she was as enthusiastic for me to learn. In one of our discussions, she advised that I never allow anything limit me in pursuing my dreams and to give all it takes to be and go for the best. I held those words personally. I went ahead in other capacity, but those words never left me.

Lagos Business School! Those were the words she mentioned. Gaining admission here is an opportunity to show how dedicated I am to attain new grounds and achieve excellent milestone in my career. I chose to study here because of the institutions good ranking as a globally recognized hallmark of excellence. The quality of research, learning and development here will help improve my knowledge and help style me into a better business administrator.

Your Brand is your story

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