Why I am in the master’s program

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I had just finished writing the first part of my first-semester examination in LBS a few hours ago, I wanted to sleep after all the sleepless nights of preparation only for me to remember ‘blogging’. Then I thought ‘what can I write about’? At a time like this, telling you why I am here is worthy. I am taking the Master’s program to enhance my technical and leadership skills. I am at a stage in my career where I needed more than the professional certifications I had. That awareness became obvious to me at the beginning of this year.

A project came up in my workplace, one that could mean the future of the company. A ten-year forecast and financial model were required but I could do little about it. As such, the management of the company had to bring in a consultant to handle the project. It became clear to me that as a manager, I needed technical abilities and analytical software knowledge to perform my job function. Working with that consultant spurred my desire to get a Master’s of business administration.

Why Master’s of Business Administration?

MBA helps graduates to build management and leadership skills. It can also take a graduate’s career to the next level. It gives career alternatives either for promotion at current work or securing a lucrative career for better employment opportunities.  So, why I do need the skills I also want to move my career to the next level. I need an MBA to achieve these lofty goals.

Additionally, I am also in the MBA class to build the needed skills to start my own consulting firm. By nature, I am a teacher. I love imparting knowledge but, I occasionally wonder if I can turn that into a source of income. I ask myself ‘how do I start?’. Most times, I feel I do not have a business inclination; as such, I always shy away from doing business. It was obvious to me that this perspective must change, but how? I believe getting an MBA from a standard business school will help me.

Given the above, I sought business schools, and I found out that Lagos Business School meets my need. It is the most popular business school in Nigeria and arguably the best in Africa by its ranking. I opted for the modular Master degree; this affords me the privilege of working full-time at the same time schooling. The fact that I can pay the tuition in installments was an advantage I will not let go of.

The start of the MBA journey

The journey to my master of business administration has started, and I can assure you it has not been easy thus far. So many assignments and group discussions often enter into late nights and in recent times, early hours of the following day. Come what may, I am willing to give it my best shot and I will by God’s grace. It is my wish to optimally achieve all the reasons I had for being in this MBA class and I must mention that I have been blessed with some colleagues who are helping me to get along.

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