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Although I had been preparing for the exams which were slated to commence on the 9th of July and end on the 16th of July, I was happy and relieved the hear the good nees that it had been postponed due to the Muslim Salah celebration. At first, I thought the postponement was totally unnecessary because I felt we didn’t have any Muslim in our class but on thinking about it, I realized I did not have enough data to judge if it was necessary or not. Preparing for the exams had put me under intense pressure as finding time to read, work and take care of family became more and more difficult. Anyway, preparing for exams is never easy but I feel the LBS system is somehow wired to make one fail because even though we should be in exam preparation mode, we have been given assignments to submit before the exams which means that our focus is divided. This also means that I would be difficult to have enough time to prepare. We cannot ignore the assignments because they carry marks and contribute to the overall score.

We were supposed to start with Management Communications and Corporate Financial Accounting exams but now we have to start with Analysis of Business Problems (ABP) and Data Analytics 1 exams.
For me, knowing what exactly to study for the ABP exam has been difficult. I was told we will not be given a case we have treated before in class so I am wondering if there is any use going back to study the cases we have done.

For Data Analytics my main challenge is that we have some slides to study that we did not really treat in class. So, I am wondering if I should study them or just leave them alone and focus on only the things we were taught in class. It also requires that I go back and view all the class videos because most of what we were taught were somehow excel related and require practice.
Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th have been declared public holidays so I know I will have little or no work-related phone calls and I pray I will be able to use these 2 days to really prepare for the exams coming up on Saturday.

I need to prepare well because failure is not an option I am willing to consider.

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