Rainy season

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Rainy season

Rainy season. It is that period in the year that some people look forward to. Rainfall is indeed a blessing but nowadays, most people dread its arrival. Surely we need rainfall to grow our crops; food crops like tomatoes and vegetables become scarce and very expensive during the dry season. However, with consistent downpour of rain, these food crops can grow quickly and become available. And they become cheap too!

The rainy season also comes with some problems. In Nigeria, it is far worse. We suffer the effects of rainfall from bad roads and traffic jams in major cities. We suffer floods on the roads, streets, and houses too. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a time that the rainy season will be welcomed by everyone. I always looked forward to the rainy season mainly for the fresh food crops. You can be sure to get fresh and rich crops like tomatoes, vegetables, okra and other food crops.

I wonder if our Nation’s government will do anything to improve the situation we face during the rainy season. There are bad roads everywhere; bad drainage systems, and poor housing structures. I know that there are lots of problems to be fixed but the government can handle them in phases. If only they can fix them, our situation would improve and life would be better.

One of the devastating effects is the traffic jams on major roads. Although, it is a combination of the bad roads and rain. A commuter can spend two (2) on the road for a journey that should take about five (5) minutes. You can imagine how long it would take to complete an hour or two (2) hours journey.

The most recent traffic ordeal I went through was something else. I had left home in the early hours of the morning so as to avoid the traffic. The highway was free and the journey was smooth. However the story changed as I approached my destination. We drove into a traffic jam. If the road remained free, it would have taken less than five (5) minutes to arrive at my destination. Unfortunately, the traffic jam was a grid lock with little or no movements. As result, I spent almost three (3) hours in traffic, trying to get to my destination that was only about five minutes away.

I cannot wait to welcome the next season. I am sure that everyone else too is eagerly waiting to welcome the dry season. At least our roads will get dried and become motorable again.

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