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The linchpin of this party of three was Retired Colonel Mac Ndubuisi. He gained his reputation as a no-nonsense soldier that fought the Vietnam war, garnering the Presidential medal of freedom in the process. He was the soldier’s soldier- Firm, competitive but fair; A man mountain whose gait thoroughly betrayed his nimble and fast nature. Urban legend making the rounds in the intelligence circles have it that he single-handedly took out 21 enemy agents during an operation and delivered on his assignment to his county. Colonel Mac Ndubuisi was 46 years old, however, he looked 32 and he felt 22. This pristine physical and mental state was born out of gruelling physical training, Yoga, and ultimately, a spartan diet that foreswears processed food.

The other two agents were also outstandingly talented intelligence officers in their own right. There was Babatunde and there was Chris, both of them Majors. Babatunde was 32 years of age and Chris was 31. The trio of Mac Ndubuisi, Chris and Babatunde were saddled with the difficult task of seizing this package and parceling it to Casablanca accordingly. By Colonel Mac Ndubuisi’s estimation, the vehicle carrying their prized parcel was due in 15 minutes. Satellite images captured by DSS back office at Casablanca indicated that they were expecting three vehicles.

Each member of the Casablanca strike team was mandated to shot at two tires of the oncoming vehicles. The objective was to demobilize these vehicles by forcing an accident. This was like a child eating chocolates for these three secret agents. The unsuspecting drivers piloted their three vehicles into the waiting hands of these secret agents. It was perhaps instinctive for the Casablanca agents to shoot without missing. And shoot without missing they did, with each sniper heating the bull’s eye.

The three vehicles tumbled, almost in unison. It was a gory sight, vehicles skidding off the road, two vehicles colliding and a third joining in. Smoke everywhere. People yelling and trying to sneak out of their damaged vehicles. It was bedlam. But that wasn’t why they Casablanca’s agents were there. They were there to seize that box and they trained their sights on the task at hand- Seize the box.

Colonel Mac Ndubuisi motioned to his men to each commandeer one vehicle each. Of course, occupants in those vehicles were in disarray, not knowing what hit them. There were three occupants in each vehicle and they were easily rounded up and disarmed, their legs and hands tied. Colonel Mac Ndubuisi, Major Babatunde, and Major Chris each entered a vehicle. It was Major Chris who finally found the sought-after box. One positives of this operation were that there was no casualty. This is a glowing testimony to the quality of execution of this assignment.

The three Casablanca agents hurriedly boarded their motorbikes leaving the agents bound hands and legs. They snaked to a hidden airstrip, which was disguised as the airstrip of a mining company, located 105km away from where they boarded a small aircraft that flew them to Casablanca. Their homecoming was dripping with ecstasy and their daring do was saluted by the handlers of the DSS in Casablanca.



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