YD : Are They Worth It ?

Axella Yusuf Written by Axella Yusuf · 2 min read >

Every woman including me dreads the Yoruba demons. every time in our discussions we are telling stories of how to avoid these species and never to go near them with a ten-foot pole ha-ha but the irony in this is that we all secretly need a Yoruba demon in our lives. We all want to have that YD experience.  

I am here to make a case for our brothers really and this should tell us if experiencing them is a good option or not.  ‘Experience is the best teacher’ but is it the best in the YD experience. Ha-ha time should tell.

Then again, are we judging our brothers too early? Let’s look at what they have to offer;

                                                         The Experience ; You become a Celeb Instantly

Hmm! Dating a Yoruba demon usually comes with its experience o. and oh the stories we have. In discussions, all the tears, aches, the experience is always there. We wont deny the fact that these men are lovers. Their sweet mouth; “have you eaten? , eat and don’t let me get angry with you “. *side eyes* these are the type of things they say to capture our hearts and make us go all ‘aww’. You are a celeb because in every gathering people want to hear your ‘story’ .

                                                         Their style.

How many hearts did this image melt? Even mine was softened. If there is something we can not take from these ‘angels’ is their dress style. When this kaftan comes up and oh that slide they wear from Monday to Sunday.. whoosh.


is there a class for beard grooming in their culture? the manner in which most of them have this well groomed beard is something to ponder on.

I personally know some people that need this beard info. The beard is all part of the character and only few people can refuse the request of a man with well groomed beards.

                                                          You get stronger

Oh yes you do. Dating a Yoruba man is not for the faint hearted. The constant tears, heartbreaks and the eventual breakfast only makes you stronger. Afterall, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so yes it is all part of character and strength building.

It can even turn you to a best-selling author.

                                                     Sharpens your kitchen skills.

The way Yoruba men eat is different. They will have you cooking at least 5 times daily yes I said 5 because 3 squared meal is outdated. And then these angels as they like to call themselves will bring friends over to ‘show off’ their girlfriends cooking. I am sure they argue on whose girl cooks better in private because it really seems like a competition the way 5 or more friends visit the other to hang and then eat.

This should count as a form of skill building because I mean after ‘breakfast’ you can put this skill into opening a restaurant.

Now you have seen what to expect with this specie of men.

The question now is; Are they worth the Energy? You answer that yourself.

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