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Writer’s Block

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Imagine how hard it is to write about writer’s block when you are currently experiencing it. No step feels good enough, idea bank totally empty and the world suddenly seems too complex to write about.

Earlier today, as I drove from church, my mind kept wandering to my blog assignment for today. Weekends are usually my favorite writing days because the pressure from work seem to be less draining. Sunday is my deadline for my last post for the week and as I drove, I realized I had hit a wall. No, not a physical accident, I was experiencing the almighty writer’s block.

This awakening pushed to write about the very thing that was stopping me from writing. I dove into several materials and below are some of the things I learnt.

Types of writer’s block

  • Not having an idea what to write about.

This is arguably the rarest type of writer’s block. One way to combat this is Patience. As you journey through life, you would realize that the world would give you ideas. It also helps when we read a lot. Combining reading with social media, watching shows and documentaries will give you a broader range. You can also try revisiting a new idea.

  • Stuck project.

This type has proven to be most common. Imagine a scenario, you have an idea, you know what to write and then you hit a wall and do not know how to get past it. You can combat it by skipping over the difficult part and then come back to it later. You can also try going back a few steps to find the crossroad where you took a wrong turn. This might need you deleting and rewriting to get back on track as the problem might just be in previous paragraphs or chapters as the case applies. Challenge yourself to write things as simply as possible. The desire to be deep and sound professional may be overwhelming leading to a block. Writing something else may also help in this case.

  • Not having any motivation.

In this case, you know what to write, you have the idea, you could write it but you are simply demotivated about the whole process. First step to solve this, is to find the reason why you are demotivated about writing and tackle it. This step requires you really looking into the mirror to identify your demon. Sometimes our desire for perfection may play a big role. Also, the fear of acceptance or even fear of criticism, being judged or negative feedback may lead to this. To combat this, exercises such as free writing or shorter forms of writing could really help. Writing in smaller but scheduled scales of 50 words per day could gradually help overcome those fears and ignite passion greater than the demotivation. Usually, if you can write 50 words you will be more able to write 500.

It also helps to see writing as having a conversation with a friend, might be a casual friend or a professional friend but a friend no less. Writing to enjoy the sail is always the best antidote.

Some people still say that the writer’s block is a myth. Well, whether it is or not, I sure went through it today.

Conclusively, I would like to say that the blogging assignment might have been created to help us combat this killer of art. With writing there are no shortcuts, the only way to become better at writing is to write. The only way out of this is through.

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