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Gaining admission into Lagos Business School(LBS) was a dream come true for me. A lot of times when I drove past the school I often thought about what being a student at the school would mean for me and my career. Having been a student at LBS for over five months, I believe there are a couple of things I really like about it and I would like to talk about them.

Firstly, I love the ambiance of the environment, the building structures and the classes. During our orientation in January, the first thing I noticed when they took us around the school was the quality of the buildings. They looked so good and strong that I asked one of the LBS staff who was taking us around if the buildings were constructed by Julius Berger. He said he was not sure but he knew that whatever company constructed the buildings did a good job. I personally feel the buildings are “Julius Berger Standard”. I loved the arrangement of the car park and the trees. I also love the water fountains at the entrance of the main building and the greenery. Everything just comes together to give an ambiance that I love.

Secondly, I love the food at LBS. Not just the food but the attitude of the caterers and the waitresses. They are nice and courteous and make the eating experience really pleasant. The quality of the food is high and tastes good all the time. As a coffee lover, I also love the fact that there is always coffee during breakfast.

Thirdly, I love the fact that events and conferences are organized frequently that help us network with other MBA participants, professionals from different sectors of the society and business owners from all over the country. I have been told repeatedly that the network I gain at LBS may be far more important than the knowledge as business success these days often depends on the quality of ones’ network. So far, I have met a few people who I would not have been able to meet if I was not a student at LBS. I hope to leverage on these new contacts as I move forward in my career as building relationships with people running their businesses in Nigeria is one of the main reasons why I opted for an MBA in Nigeria. An MBA abroad would not give me this kind of network.

Fourthly, I love the attitude of the LBS staff and faculties. Interestingly, in my MBA cohort, we have 3 participants who are currently a staff of LBS. The ethics and principles of the school are ingrained in them. The faculties are really knowledgeable about the courses they teach. They come on time to class and are always open to answering questions in class.

Finally, I just love the way everything is organized at LBS. Everything works well. The classes and the toilets are always clean. I always get the feeling that I am at the right place.

If you are thinking about doing an MBA program at LBS, please give it a shot. You will not regret it.

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