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I am not even going to lie. ABP has me at wits’ end! Ahn ahn! The course has no chill at all! Hian! Please do not even begin to wonder why I am sounding so dramatic. Chances are, if you have ever met ABP, you will get the why. If you have encountered her and you still do not get the why, then you need to thank your stars. Because, news flash – You are a genius!

My relationship with ABP has become the ideal love-hate relationship model. I love her until she checks me and puts me in my place all over again. Why do I refer to ABP as a her? Must be because I grew up hearing that you can never truly figure out a woman.

Okay, let me calm down on the drama and try to dish you an objective perspective. We(my cohort and I) got the warning signs from the onset. In one of the first videos we watched, we learnt about the need to understand the situation and the context. We learnt that framing a problem all wrong could lead to a skewed analysis. As easy as it sounds to comprehend, it is as complex as the degree of emphasis that was laid on it. At least now I understand why. That is the one thing I can beat my chest to say that I truly understand in ABP.

The irony in all of this however, is that, my love for the course just keeps taking up more surface area. Do not even ask. Even I, do not understand the why. Errrm… or maybe, I do;

  • I like the challenge it poses.
  • I cannot wait for the satisfaction I will feel when I begin to dissect every case analytically to execution.
  • The process feels somewhat slow at takes up a lot of precious time, but that makes it all the more valuable.
  • So far, various cases have opened my mind to aspects of an issue I usually would not notice.
  • On the other hand, I am learning that there is a lot of noise in-between the necessary detains
  • I am also learning how to spot biases.

Another thing I really need to be honest about; the bulk of the time, we are unable to study the case extensively. Reading the case in a detailed manner, really does change a lot in ones ability to properly frame a given problem. There are simply no shortcuts with ABP – this is a great lesson for life too. It is good preparation for the life of a prospective manager.

From the onset, I had known my experience in business school would be great training. But, I had no idea it would be to such a great degree. I do need a special Grace to get through this. The kind that only comes from God to excel through to the end of this journey. One thing is for sure, I will be better off at the end of this journey. It is one thing I am most certain of.


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