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Visual Hierarchy is one of the main fundamental principles in graphic designs. In graphic designs, hierarchy make use of different principles including size, contrast, colour, repetition, alignment to show certain characteristics of the design.


It is a visual design principle which designers use to show the importance of each page content. It directs viewers to the most important information on a page using graphic design element like colours, size and alignment to organize and prioritise content



  • It is very important because it creates order of importance within the design elements.
  • Another important aspect of it is that it helps guides users attention in the way you want and it also helps a viewer to focus on one thing before another.
  • Helps a viewer process information in an easier way and also makes presentation looks desirable.
  • It influences the order in which viewers view your content.
  • It defines the importance and sequence of elements within a composition.

There are different principles in the hierarchy of visual design which visual designers needs to follow. These principles makes a graphic designer to pay attention to certain things when designing. One of it is that, Its advisable that when designing, you need to choose a typeface that relates to the tone you want to set its key on.

Another way to give your work attention is by giving it enough space. Empty space is simple and also an important way to make viewers focus on your important content. Without proper space balance, the visual hierarchy can get muddled and lose impact.

Another one is to use colours that will attract your viewers. Warm colours stands out more than cold colours. Warm colours are those bright colours that appears more muted and thus fall lower on the hierarchy. Using one cold colour among the warm colours is an effective way to reinforce the visual hierarchy.


A good designs uses this strategy to attract the viewers to the whole composition and leads them through its parts by creating different levels of priority and intuitive flow. Asides the above mentioned principles, there are other principles that have not been mentioned in this articles.



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