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Does it feel good to be a student once again after many years of no intense studying? After years of just living the life a day as it comes, having fun with family and friends, the only task was getting up every morning and heading out to work. There wasn’t any challenge really. One can sleep without having to think about cases not being read, assignments not being done, watching of class recordings, group discussions and so on. One cannot really have a moment of peace while studying in Lagos Business School because there is a guilt that comes when you get yourself busy doing other things which are considered irrelevant asides reading, studying, or maybe doing your actual job.

I understand a lot must be sacrificed for the greater future. Even though, I do not have an active social life before now, I guess doing an MBA in a business school like our prestigious one has worsened the whole situation. My friends now find my life more boring than the usual, but they must come to the reality that this is my race, and I must run it regardless. While I am busy getting work done in the office, I remember there is a class at 5:30 pm, and then the peculiar Lagos traffic I almost run crazy. Fun fact: sometimes I consider passing the night in the office because omo e choke o!

One cannot imagine closing from work in the evening and rushing back home to join a class scheduled for that same evening and then getting frustrated on the road because of the traffic jam. Those who stay far away from their place of work do not have the option of staying back in the office to take lectures; this is because you get home late also the unwaveringly insecurity in the state.

I would like to share a recent ordeal of mine on my way back from work. I had left the office earlier than the usual closing time because, I had been granted permission to leave prior to closing time. On that fateful day I got home by 8:36 pm. I was disorganized, frustrated, and angry. The reason I had left early was forfeited by factors I could not control. I couldn’t join my class with my laptop because I was certain I would get home an hour or more before the class began. I had my phone with me, I could have easily joined with my phone, but the battery was nothing better than dead, I had not charged it the whole day. Apparently, I didn’t join the class on that day.

The challenges faced with the new ME is incredible. I am consoled with the adage that says, “nothing good comes easy”. This is my success story, one day I will be able to look back and be proud of how come I have come and what I have achieved so far. It will be a delightful moment for me when I share the experiences on the MBA journey over the years.



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