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It’s been over 3 months since I began this journey; personal development of the mind through the four walls of LBS. A choice voluntarily taken to undergo the rigor of the Modular MBA programme.

I recall vividly, a warning was dished in one of the brush-up classes- “It will be stressful, but an element of stress is good for you.” In this context, stress connotes being out of your comfort zones; sidelining convenience for the development of one’s persona.

Wikipedia defines Comfort zone as a psychological state where things begin to feel familiar to a person and renders them at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low level of anxiety and stress. In this state, there is a sense of security and safety.

This can soon become a danger zone. It shuts one’s eyes to the greater potentials waiting to blossom only if a step is taken.  It makes you complacent about self-development and improvement because you have attained a level of certainty. The world is evolving, where growth is halted, one’s relevance would soon become obsolete before one realizes.

However, too much adrenalin pump triggers physical and mental stress, with numerous health complications including high blood pressure, that could emanate if not well managed. Here is where optimal balance must be obtained.

Nurturing the energy in the right direction is believed to generate a form of self-consciousness and alertness needed for day-to-day productivity. The mind is thinking and figuring out the next project to engage, which in turn helps the body react quickly to situations.

Managing Stress

There are techniques that are believed to help manage stress appropriately and achieve optimal productivity

  • Time Management: One can easily get overwhelmed with too many workloads at work and assignments at school. A good way to cope is by writing down daily or weekly schedules of planned activities and tasks, highlighting them on a scale of priority and urgency. You then take them a step at a time. Once one is accomplished, you move unto the next. This will help eliminate the stress originating from fear of not meeting deadlines.
  • Exercising: Regular physical activity is also a good way to relieve stress, usually benefiting both the body and mind. The body releases chemicals (endorphins) that improves the brain and mood keeping you more relaxed.
  • Mindfulness: A personal meditation is needful, reminding yourself that you have all stressors under control; you had overcome past stressful situations, and have the capability to surmount the current one.
  • Be kind to yourself and share with friends: No criticism on yourself for not meeting up. Instead, discuss with a friend or co-worker that can relate with your current circumstance and help provide support and encouragement.

In all of these, remember there are positives in most stressful situations when well managed. Your focus should be on the positives. A picture or an imagination of an aftermath of this journey will help as a coping mechanism.

Stay afloat, stay focused and growth is assured!


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