Overall, the program is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of mental fortitude. So, if there are people who came...

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This is basically a rant blog post.

Juggling life with the MBA is difficult. I’d admit, I didn’t expect it to be this stressful.

Today is one of the days I’m realizing what the sacrifice we were told about during brush up really is. I am physically and mentally exhausted from managing class, the internet, and family engagement.


My previous experience with getting ready with professional certifications has taught me a few things. First off, time is precious. I’ve said it in a previous blog, creating a schedule and sticking with it is key. But the latter is where the problem is, there are a lot of distractions, a lot of obstacles to keeping up with the schedule. I created a schedule, but sticking with it has been a task, sometimes it seems that everything is against me sticking with my schedule.

The course deliverables and assignment deadlines are also crazy. Literally, it seems there’s always an assignment due. Coupled with the Harvard course, I sometimes feel we are going through some sort of hazing. Like how do they want us single peeps to meet people and mingle 😭


I know the number of friends I have would reduce by the time I’m done with the program. Being an introvert, I already have an issue with hanging out regularly with friends, but now, the number of meetups I’ve had to cancel is crazy. Only a few friends understand the crux of the matter and I appreciate them dearly, but for the rest, I don’t think I can start explaining my predicament.

Recently, I have also been unusually absent from family gatherings, I’m sure my mum is tired of conveying my regrets and explaining my absence. Makes me wonder how my peers with families are coping with the program, especially those with kids.


Did I mention finance? That should have been number one, I think. School fees, internet, most especially internet costs. For me, it’s not really the cost but a reliable internet. In some classes, I literarily blink like NEPA. It’s frustrating because I would later incur more internet charges watching the zoom videos on e-learn., that’s if the video is going to be uploaded.

Overall, the program is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of mental fortitude. So, if there are people who came for the fun of having an MBA, then you’re in for a huge shock. I have been told the first semester is the most rigorous while others are not so stressful, I hope it’s true, even though I don’t believe it.


I’m grateful for the classmates I have. They have been a big blessing since the start of this program. The group dynamics, the calls of concern and words of encouragement. Sincerely, apart from family and a few friends, they have really been a great support system.

Most importantly, whenever I feel really frustrated, I remember my goals for starting the MBA and how in the short time I have been in the program I can see the positive impacts on my career and person.

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