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Olise was one of the first people I met on the first day of our orientation. He is dark, slim, and of average height. He is into construction and interior decoration. He participates well in class and just seems like an easy-going person. He is currently the leader of MMBA3 Group 3

Elizabeth is light-skinned and of average height. She participates actively in class and she is quite intelligent. She is an accountant by profession. She works for a fintech company that offers loans to people and businesses.

Tolulope is a tall dark-skinned lady. I met her for the first time during our first intensive week in March because she did not come for the orientation in January. Initially, I felt she was a snub but she later confessed she is actually a shy person. I believe her because she has made few friends in class and hardly participates in our online classes. She has very few friends in class. I believe not more than 3. I do not think I have ever seen her ask a question in class except when she was called upon. I am surprised she works for a real estate company because, in the real estate business, you cannot afford to be shy because you will always be interacting with potential clients and customers. I hope she participates more in class because, from my few interactions with her, I truly believe she is a smart lady and will do well if she just tries her best to be more active in class. Class participation accounts for up to 30 percent of some of our courses and every student has to take full advantage of it in order to pass the course with flying colours.

Vincent is just like Tolulope. He says he is camera shy and he does not participate in class. Only a few members of my class have seen him before. He does not show his face during our online classes on zoom. Initially, I thought he wasn’t confident in his looks but I banished that thought from my mind when I met him. He is of average height, skins his head, and keeps beards. I met him for the first time during our Mentor Meet and Greet Session which was held last week at the Four Points Hotel at Victoria Island. This was our first meeting because he did not attend the orientation and the intensive week. He was the last person I expected to see there. How can someone who is camera-shy come for an event where he knows no one and has to meet new people and introduce himself? I was amazed to see he had no qualms meeting new people. What a strange guy! We discussed his camera-shyness and he promised to do something about it but so far I have not seen any improvement. He is aware of the marks attached to class participation and I feel he is smart enough to not let the millions of naira he invested in the MMBA program go to waste.


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