#EMBA27 The Benefits of Traveling for Vacation

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Why Vacations are useful

Fatigue sets in whenever we feel stressed, either due to work commitments or family obligations. Accordingly, the body begins to operate at sub-optimal levels, and we cannot match our previous performance levels at work or play. Consequently, illnesses may arise due to reduced immunity levels in the body caused by reduced resting and sleeping hours. After experiencing any of these, we tend to pull back and get away from them. We achieve this by taking a vacation to refresh the mind and re-energize the body.

Vacations are essential to our wholesome well-being, and I believe traveling for leisure is therapeutic for everyone who needs to escape from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. To illustrate, we can holiday with our family, a group of friends, a significant other, or even solo. The destination options range from cities like Cape Town and Zanzibar to Paris and Rome. So, holiday goers can also enjoy resort-like vacations in places like the Bahamas, Maldives, Mauritius, etc. The list is almost endless.

Vacation options

The decision on who to vacation with usually hinges on the purpose of the vacation. Traveling for family holidays mostly coincides with school holidays, and the objective is to get away with the spouse and children. Also, it may align with milestone birthdays or an extended family celebration. Family moments are created and captured. Traveling with buddies is a different kettle of fish. The aim is to relax, binge on your favorite hobbies, and catch up with events happening in your lives. Vacations like this may occur across two or more locations as the pals attempt to optimize their time together.

Holidaying with a partner is similar, with the main difference being the intimacy a couple strives for during their getaway. Resorts and islands are popular destinations for couples. Also, traveling alone for a vacation can also be fun and flexible. You only plan for yourself and schedule events to suit your availability. This kind of vacation is enjoyed by individuals seeking to reinvent themselves, find their purpose, or plan the next phase of their lives. If the travel budget is unavailable, a “staycation” vacation at home is the only alternative.

Whatever vacation type you choose, the goal is to recharge your batteries and partake in several leisure activities of interest. Accordingly, the vacation length should be proportional to the quantum of de-stressing required, but travel expenses are a factor. The time away from one’s primary location and daily activities supports rest for the mind and body. Therefore, not taking any time off from work can lead to stress, fatigue, and other health complications. Professionals should always set time aside to retreat for their welfare to avoid these setbacks.

Planning is key

Planning a vacation around the due dates is highly recommended to ensure it becomes a reality. This planning involves time management at work and adequate financial planning. Hence, notifying your line manager well ahead of your proposed absence from the office provides ample time to identify a suitable backup for your duties. Saving early for the planned trip is worthwhile to support your plans.


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