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We all encounter that moment in our life when a decision we make generally influences the future. It’s a cliché of life, not necessarily anything unique. We just make a call and something or someone is affected. Yes, we are predisposed to that narrative most times so let us not banter over it now. However, there are those calls we make that cause earthquake-like shifts in our world. These ones with seismic impacts are the ones that not only redress your entire being but realign your fabric of existence. The effect of making these calls stick with you for the rest of your life.

I have written quite a lot regarding my experience so far at the Lagos Business School (LBS) as this is primarily a requirement to pass a certain course but now, it has become a hobby. One that I do for fun. Rather than see it as stress, I just breeze through it. Searching the mind for what to write about can be a slightly daunting task but in the end, it comes through.

This is my last and final Blog so I thought I will just freestyle it and in no particular order talk about everything about my alma mater, LBS. Let us talk about the environment, it is simply beautiful and calm. From when you walk or drive in through the gates, you are met by people who seem to forget their worries at home. We know everyone is worried about something, but here you can truly exist in serenity. The feeling of Zen and the literal non-existence feel of Lagos ‘wahala’ makes you want to stay longer. When the Dean of the business school told us during the orientation week that “everything works here”. I took that statement for granted. Truly, everything works. It’s almost like there is a Demi-God watching over everything and everyone to ensure all the boxes are ticked. The restrooms are kept constantly clean, sanitizers are always filled and working, and even the food is working fine. That is a funny one. The hospitality at the canteen makes you want to go back for more. Oliver twist has got nothing on you. Portion sizes are unlimited and as long as you can eat it, then go ahead. No apologies from us food lovers for that one. We love it.

Let us talk about the program itself and those in charge. From the program manager to the programs planned out by the career unit, you cannot complain. Granted, they can become really overwhelming but if you like the social life (I dare say I do), then you will not lack in LBS. One thing that characterizes LBS and distinguishes it from the normal Nigerian social narrative is that there is always food, and the food never runs out. Another talk about food. It seems this institution knows that a full stomach is the best way to learn.

Next on the list of mentions are my classmates. They are just family, and I am so glad that we can sometimes meet physically. I dreaded the thought of all the sessions being online, but it has been a wonderful time with them all. We almost relate like we have known each other from a time past. I can proudly say I know all my classmates by name and surname. My mantra of WE RISE TOGETHER makes me convinced that with this set of people, I can go places.

I have previously written an entire blog about the facilitators and my group members but a special shout out to them all since we are wrapping up.

In conclusion, I smile as I write this knowing that I might have done these blogs to satisfy the requirements of a course. In reality, I have gained a new hobby and I will cherish the experience every day. It is not entirely uhuru from here on as we still have a couple more semesters to navigate through at LBS. All I can say is let us keep going and fist bumps to everyone. It truly is the end of a new beginning.

One more time for African Musings, God bless you all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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