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I recently had a conversation with my immediate brother, during which we discussed at length reasons people consider suicide option an escape route.

Suicide is not predominant in Nigeria. It isn’t one we see in the news often. However, we can’t afford to turn deaf ears to its tendencies.

The uncertainty of existence randomly surfaces in our subconscious. The mind conjures a story and convinces us that all hope is lost. It pins images of loved ones’ deaths and how unfair life could be.

Sometimes, families and relatives help fuel these doubts by their comparison of us with counterparts. Our society is that given to making high demands on youngsters, and failures swiftly tagged on invincible efforts. Feelings and emotions are not valued. Ill-words are dished out recklessly without second thought of the effects they leave on the recipient. This most times stimulates a depressed mood.

The mind is however, a powerful tool. It can be controlled and manipulated as we deem fit. Although experiences vary with each unique individuals, we need to train our minds to cope with low periods. They are elements of life and can’t be entirely avoided. When the future seems blurry and the direction is unmapped, it is the best time to sit back and do a self study.

I never understood the concept until I strode the lane myself and fed from the knowledge and insight self reflection offers. As a teenager, I had a stereotype for an exceptional performance. I yearned to attain that mark attempting some task of which I failed at. I soon realized how much potential I laid to waste, failing to exert efforts to hone my unique skills and put it into productive use. I was blind to my distinctiveness by choosing to eye another.

I need to say, the times we feel inadequate are the best times to act, looking beyond the whirlwinds.

Suicidal thoughts should not be allowed to thrive. We can overcome this, by jostling it with positive thoughts and memories of past achievements. Keep calm, meditate, and exert the energy on self discovery. Take things slow. We set the pace and create the boundaries. Take therapy classes if need be. Keep positive friends. Just take a step at a time.

We all need to experience those lows. When well-managed, they stretch us and bring out the best in us. Our mind is groomed, we understand the basis for existence, our purpose and that life is a journey to an ultimate destination.

It reminds us that we ought to cherish it and appreciate everyone that makes it worth living.


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