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This world is really coming to an end. The fact that you keep hearing crazy and sad stories everyday is really heart breaking. One can only but imagine if this stories are real or they are just imaginations but the more you read, you realise that child molestation is real and the paedophiles are either, fathers, brothers, uncles, teachers etc.

A child that is suffering from child molestation and is afraid to speak up

One question I keep asking myself is, How do they do it? How do fathers get attracted to their daughters? How can a full grown man get attracted to a child who can barely understand what is going on? Its really a crazy thing when I think about this act or even imagine them.


A lot of men are secretly practising this act and some of them, their wife is in the know. She has an idea of the fact that her husband is molesting a little girl but she decide to hide it because she doesn’t want to either loose her husbands or don’t want him to be known for such an horrible act.


November last year, I visited one police station in Abuja. I noticed that there was this under age girl that was writing a report. Out of curiosity, I asked my police friend what the girl was doing at the station by that time of the day instead of being in school. He responded with a shocking smile on his face saying, “my sister, crazy things are happening “. She is a victim of chile molestation. Her uncle who took her in since she was five years have been having canal knowledge of her and the wife who is her mothers sister is aware.

I was shocked to my bones with few questions on my mind. So this stories are real? What happened to all the ladies on the street? why an under age girl? What on earth will attract a grown man in the body of an under age girl? A girl who can comfortably pass as your daughter? Indeed, crazy things are really happening. At this point, I felt great pity for the little girl. Her innocence as been taken by a sexual stimulated man.

Out of curiosity, I asked what was the aunts stand in all of this and I was given the most shocking answer ever. I was told of how her aunty threatened her that if she ever told anybody what has been going on, she was going to kill her and nobody will look for her. out of fear, the little girl decided to keep all of this to herself and lived with the fear of the unknown believing and hoping that one day, the uncle will stop touching her or the aunty will stand up to her defence.


Its really heart breaking to know that men like this still walk freely after committing crimes like this. To think of the fact that women who are suppose to be mothers by nature covers this sins up for the men. Maybe castration should be made as law for men whom are found guilty. Strick measures should be set aside for men who are found guilty and women who are accomplice. We should also teach our daughters to speak up because when they do, they will be saving another child from molestation


Sylvia Hogan

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