#EMBA27 First weekend of exams

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The first weekend of exams is down and the second one is just around the corner. The first exam we took was for Corporate Financial Accounting. That one required going back through the notes. I have to admit that going through those notes really helped me to get up to date before the exam. Before taking the exam, I had a lot of knowledge gaps. I noticed this when we did the group work sessions. Each session was confusing. I would hear terms that I hadn’t heard before and the journal entries were very unfamiliar. It wasn’t until I went back through the notes that I understood what was going on.

After the CFA exam, I felt okay. It could have gone a lot better. It was actually more difficult than I thought. There was one question that I feel like I should have known the answer to. That one was referring to the different types of financial statements. I called the extra one notes to investors instead of notes to accounts. For some reason, it completely escaped my mind. I am not too sure if I am excited to get the results of the exam. The main thing is that I gave it my best. One shouldn’t get mad at themselves if one tries their best.

The setting of the exam was a bit strange. We had to fill out our details which were okay, but there was a part of the agreement that I wasn’t able to complete. Hopefully, that should not be much of an issue. Taking the exam online is a good idea because it means that people did not have to spend a lot of money going to class just to sit for exams. I had an internet connection issue once but after that, it did not repeat itself. My only question is how they can prevent candidates from cheating? Every candidate is connected to the internet and is able to Google whatever information they want. This is something that the school will have to think about. The only way I see the school addressing this is by mandating all candidates to download software that prevents them from browsing the internet for the duration of the exam. It is quite interesting to see how the world is evolving post the Covid pandemic.

The other exam that was taken this past weekend was the ABP exam. Now that one was difficult. Actually, it is not so much that it was difficult, it was just too much to do within the time that was allocated. The case study alone was about 15 to 16 pages. Each read-through would take me about 45 minutes, especially as this exam took place first thing in the morning. I could tell from the silence on the EMBA 27 group chat that everyone found the test challenging. The few people who voiced their opinions sounded a bit frustrated.

All in all, it was a tough weekend and we have another weekend to go. I pray I prepare well enough and pass in flying colours.

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