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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Ubong Akpan and his wife Ekaete Akpan. They gave birth to three children named Bassey Akpan, Caroline Akpan and Rose Akpan. They all lived happily together.

During the inter- school math quiz competition, many schools from different villages came for the competition, but only four schools could qualify for the competition. The schools were: Catholic primary school, Model primary school, Saint Moore primary school and Ikot-Ansa primary school. After few hours of debate, the results came out in this orderly manner:

1st position: Model primary school.

2nd position: Catholic primary school.

3rd position: Saint Moore primary school.

4th position: Ikot-Ansa primary school

Everyone in Ikot-Ansa primary school was very sad because of the news that they got last position in the competition. Two years after the competition, the form for the federal entrance examination came out and everyone had to pay three thousand naira to register for the examination. The district head promised to give one hundred and fifty thousand naira to whoever got distinction in all papers. So, everyone looked forward to it and they all wrote the exams.

A year after the exam, the results came out and Bassey Akpan from Ikot-Ansa primary school was the one who got distinction in all his papers. No one could believe the news because Ikot-Ansa primary school had the lowest mark when it came to good quality education. Everybody was surprised about the news. Meanwhile, Bassey had gone to give the news to his parents and siblings in the house and they all celebrated the good news.

Years after, Bassey was sitting with his friends in the verandah when he heard his mother’s voice calling him.  They started discussing and laughing and Bassey’s father came into the discussion and asked them what the discussion was all about then Ekaete said ‘I am just telling Bassey on how you went fasting for two days because I said that I am not ready for marriage’. Then Ubong objected and said that was a very big lie. Ekaete shouted and clutched her breast then she said should I call witnesses for you so that Bassey can know the truth then she also said tell your son the truth and let the devil be ashamed. Then Ubong scratched his head and showed a face of surrender and said it is true. And Bassey shouted so it is true daddy. Then Ekaete said Bassey please don’t foolishly behave like your father if a lady says that she is not ready for marriage when you propose to her don’t go fasting for two days or more. Then Bassey said mum why did you call me then Ekaete said your father will explain better. Then Bassey turned to his father and asked him to please explain then Ubong said your uncle Richard is coming to visit us from the city and he will like to take you along when he is going back to the city then Ekaete objected and said my son is not going to leave me and go to the city. Then she asked Bassey if he wanted to go to the city and Bassey said that he wanted to go. Then Ekaete sighed and told Bassey that she would miss him then Bassey told his mum that he would miss her too, then they ended the discussion.

The following day, Uncle Richard came with his new wife with a lot of luggage and they were all happy. Then the ten days of visit were over and it was time to go back to the city then they all left and took Bassey along. So, when they arrived at the city Bassey went to boarding college and he did well even in the city and his parents and uncle Richard were proud of him.


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