Women and multi-tasking are just like 5 and 6. I wonder how we as women do so many things at the same time. The act of juggling activities at the same time is called multi-tasking. Wikipedia described Human multitasking as the concept where one can split their attention on more than one task or activity at the same time.

Women have different responsibilities that needs to be handed at the same time. This has led us to the act of multi-tasking. We nurture our kids, co-provide for our families, take care of our extended families, bond with our friends, spend time with our husbands and to crown it all we also must personally develop ourselves.

Growing up I watched my mother do all of the ones listed above. She tried to be a Wife, Mother, Boss, Friend , Granddaughter, Daughter . The roles were endless. But at the end of the day was she fulfilled I cannot say.

I believe we as women should take it easy on ourselves when it comes to multi-tasking and being responsible for the different caps that we wear. We might think that we have it all covered but there will be areas where we will slip off. We cannot try to be Superwoman. No woman on the face of the earth has the power to manage such tasks.

Have you ever wondered why our men are always looking young and refreshed and why we are always looking tired and worn out? It is simple. Men do not try to multi-task. They focus on a role at a time. They compartmentalize their lives.

It is an act we women should try to emulate. We should try to conquer one space or role at a time. We would be better people for it. In our health, relationships and even our careers.

Multi-tasking, I believe has more disadvantages than advantages for us as women.

  • It makes us lose focus: Because we are trying to manage so many things at the same time, we lose focus on what should be on our priority list. This single act can also make us look disorganized.
  • Juggling so many things at the same time slows us down. We might think that we are moving fast but what we are doing is drawing ourselves back.
  • It can cause us to make mistakes on our task. Imagine you are receiving a call and at the same time trying to send an email. You can unknowingly send an unfinished email.
  • It can also make you seem absentminded as you might not be giving your full attention to the discussion or task at hand.

I believe we  women should try to prioritize what is important to us and then take it one step at a time. Doing so many things at the same time can only lead to chaos and confusion. We cannot be superwoman as we do not have superpowers to have it all sorted out. We should all try to leverage the help that we can get from family and friends. We can delegate tasks to people to free up our time to focus on things that matter.

My mum used to say things. If you have money, use it to buy your peace of mind. If you need to get a driver to do so, if you need to get a cook and you can afford it, go ahead.

It is tiring to try to be everything at the same time. Just be a woman. No need for Super.

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