Time management is life management

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I consider Time management as one of the most important skills every individual should possess. This is because it is a skill that determines the achievement of a lot of things anyone can think of. I also see time management as a self-disciplinary skill; anyone who can make good use of their time has a high level of self-discipline.

I am glad to have attended the sessions on Time management. Although I already knew a little bit about the concept, I was able to learn quite a lot of things about time management.

I learned that one thing that is common to all men is that we get older. From the moment we are born, there is the passage of time. Although it is not obvious to us, we get older by the minute. Time therefore is the one possession that all human beings have in common, but our use of time vary from one individual to another.

Time management is life management. Indeed it is! It is for this reason I consider it a self-disciplinary skill. Time is used on everything we do; we utilize time when we eat, sleep, or do some chores. We utilize time even when we decide to do nothing. In time, every second counts.

The importance of time management cannot be overemphasized. Time is very precious and we must learn how to make good use of our time to make every second count. A second in time could be the difference between success and failure.

I learned from the sessions on time management, the nature of time. Knowing more about the nature of time puts me in a better position to effectively utilize time. As previously mentioned, time is the only resource that is common to all human beings irrespective of their background, status, race or tribe. Every human being has 24 hours to utilize every day.

I also learned that effective time management is a determinant of productivity. That is to say, if I want to be productive, I must know how to make good use of and manage my time.

Time is indispensable; every action in life requires time.

Time is perishable; I cannot save it or stall it.

Time is consumable; I can only spend it.

Time is irreplaceable; I can never bring back time.

Time is sufficient; I have all the time I need, it depends on how I use it.

From the class, I learned some very useful tips for making good use of my time so as to be productive. Some of the tips are:

Preparation: I must begin the day with a well-thought out plan. It is best to plan for a new day on the previous day. I must also schedule my priorities and not my preferences.

Reduction: I must remove from my schedule, any garbage. Garbage are tasks that are not my priorities. I could dump it, delegate it, defer it or do it, if I really have to do it.

Order: I must be orderly so as to spend less time in locating and retrieving any piece of information.

Disciplined: I must train myself to do what I have scheduled to do.

Concentration: I must think before I act, train myself to do one thing at a time and avoid distractions as much as possible.

Time mastery: I could start by identifying my most productive time during the day and commit to doing my most productive tasks during my productive time.

The tip on time mastery stood out for me. I think that it is a tip that would be useful to any individuals who are concerned about time management. In a 24 hour period, there is a time of day, unique to every individual, when they feel energized and ready to work. If I want to be productive and achieve success in any field of endeavor, I need to discover when my productive period is and commit it to doing things that would bring me success!


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