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Never believe you would succeed by deceit. Always be sincere in your dealings with people when it comes to business.

My husband and I went to a market on a certain day to purchase some car bulbs. On arrival, we had many people approach us making it a bit difficult to differentiate between the hustlers and the real shop owners. I beckoned on my hubby to move further because from the look of things, there seem to be more hustlers and usually, their prices are always on the high side. My hubby couldn’t oblige because they had already given him a parking space and it wouldn’t be nice if he bypassed them to another place. I saw reasons with him.

The parking space they offered us sort of became a hindrance and prevented us from checking other places. They convinced us to buy from them. We agreed and bought from them. One of them had to follow us to the house to fix it as it was getting dark. On arrival, he brought out another bulb different from the one we bought and told us that it was of better quality and of better illumination.  He bargained with my hubby for a price twice higher than what we agreed on the previous one. After much negotiation, my hubby accepted and asked him to go ahead with the installation. Later, the next day, you wouldn’t believe it, but the bulb’s brightness didn’t work as described. In fact, there was no difference in brightness when compared with the old replaced bulbs. We ended up spending money without getting commensurate services.

Some business people are terrible in their dealings and service delivery. They have sugar-coated tongues with less interest in customer satisfaction. Hmmm! They will manipulate you to the extent that they won’t leave until you buy from them. There is no problem with convincing people to buy your product. However, ensure you walk the talk on your product. Hubby wasn’t happy with the outcome of the product, and neither was I. We decided never to go there again for any purchase.

No matter what, integrity is the key. It pays to have an honest, trustworthy, and sincere dealing in our daily interactions with people. It wouldn’t stop us from making our business profits and meeting our goals in life. We got to be aware that dishonesty is one of the roadblocks to success. If you are not truthful in your dealings with people, you kill trust. People see you as a person of no integrity or dishonest person.

Small businesses and organizations grow faster with referrals and patronage. Who are those to refer people to your business or organization? Is it the same people you cheated, duped, and deceived? Assuming I sold a fake or inferior product to you. Would you still come back to buy from me next time or refer someone to me? The answer you already know.


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