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English is your Friend

Oh my God! If anyone had asked me before today if I was good in English, my answer would have been yes of course.

But after today’s class, I am no longer sure because the drilling was something else.

See, I would like to say that English is hard o. lol I do not like to be negative, but I will not  even lie by saying English is not easy but then you get the drift.

So as Managers, it is important to get your writings correct o.

I know a lot of managers in the office who can barely communicate effectively. But then again there is the excuse of; ahh, please o, English is not our mother tongue’ but really this is not a good enough reason.

Also, have you noticed that my punctuation style has changed? Ha-ha if I say so myself, I will say that I am ready to release my first book because this communications class of today was on another level.

Do you remember the parts of speech? My God that was taught in primary 4. I am sure we all thought we had left it behind, but I am sorry to burst your bubble that unlike the diagram of cockroach that we are not using and will never use, communication i.e., English language is different.

Now, I have to go and dig up my primary school books. And oh the assignments she gave us.

Ayoola I hope you will forget some of these assignments listed; ha-ha , I am sure she wouldn’t though.

Subject verb agreement: on this part, did you know that you must be wary of the first word in your sentence? Hmm the appropriate use of ‘is and are’ . Also wait, the differences between colon and semicolon. I was today year old when I learnt the use of the semicolon honestly, but I am liking it actually and I am learning to use it better, I hope.

Our facilitator mentioned to us that we would need to take on more readings.

I have joined a book club now. I hope this helps push me but hey I honestly have been absent in most meetings. Now I am taking a mental note to be present at the next meeting.

Communications should be my favorite class for the now……

After todays class we chose the president.

Your Brand is your story

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