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Fight for fourth spot
Premier League fourth position deserves a trophy

Forth spot has become a trophy in English Premier League. First and second position seems constant between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp with Chelsea often lurking around the third place. The fourth place, has now become the hot cake in the league; with many clubs having the possibility to grab it.

Arsene Wenger once told the Arsenal shareholders: “For me, there are five trophies every season: Premier League, Champions League, qualifying for Champions League, FA Cup and League cup”. He further justified this claim by saying, “when you look to sign a player, he doesn’t ask if you have won the League cup recently, he asks if you are in the Champions League.”

Evidently, Arsene’s words above, justifies the reason so many clubs are presently in the race for the fourth spot; Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and West Ham are all in the race. These are clubs with history and reputation with only a spot at stake. Who will take the fourth spot in English Premier League this season?

Below is the Premier League table as at 20th April, 2022 after thirty-two games played. As it stands, there is keen contest especially between teams in the fourth and seventh place.

Premier League table as at 20th April 2022


After three straight losses, on April 20, 2022 in the match against Chelsea, Arsenal played with a sense of urgency. Interestingly, they were victorious with a 4-2 win. According to Mikel Arteta, the gunners can now belief in their remaining six matches. They have Manchester United to face at home and West Ham and Tottenham away.

Arsenal has all the work to do in these remaining matches of the season. They have to face fellow contenders, as well as, Everton; a relegation threatened club. Any slip on these games could spell doom. As the manager remarked, the win over Chelsea will bring the needed desire and belief to grab the fourth spot.


The performance of Manchester United this season has been underwhelming. The latest failure being the trashing by Liverpool. The appointment of a new coach today will likely wear-off that experience. The red devils like Arsenal, have quite a hill to climb with their remaining matches.

They will face Arsenal, Chelsea, Brent ford, Brighton and Crystal Palace. Fortunately; there are Match free days between May 8 to May 21. They thus, have ample opportunity to prepare before the final day of the season.


Tottenham has been on and off this season. Sometimes, it is difficult to know what exactly they want; they threaten in one game and sleep over the other. Currently, Tottenham are on the same point as Arsenal with goal difference advantage. The Manager; Conte like to reign supreme at least finishing in top four won’t be a bad idea.

They will be facing Brentford, Leicester, Liverpool, Arsenal, relegation threatened Burnley and Norwich City.

The race for the fourth spot is tighter than ever; all contenders seem to have equal chances, but who will it be? Who is more ready? May 22, 2022 isn’t far away to know the answer.

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