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success ahead as we prep for exams

It is the week of exams, and the natural feeling is that blogging should have been stopped by now – true talk isn’t it?

A little background to today’s write up

Today was a good day for me because of the certain key taka-way I was able to get from the just concluded APB revision class and as hard as I would like to admit, I am eager to put pen to paper in sharing all that I had learned tonight.

The core…

The fear of ABP they say is the beginning of wisdom. As I will always complain about accounting as a subject, I am still in-tuned to get whatever concept it is that accounting is pushing forward than that of ABP.

ABP which is the short form of Analysis of Business Problems is a course that challenges your core thinking. It takes you a lot away from your comfort zone of system one thinking and forces you to use system 2 thinking which is more analytical. While it seems that I was comfortable with this course in class, a lot of what is shared can be confusing because one thinks that you have grabbed the concept in class and the next class is a total deviation from where the journey began.

Learnings from the tutorials

EMBA 27 class is actually one of the most caring classes one can think of. While we are all trying to figure things out, a lot of the executives believe strongly that we should walk together and not go alone. Going along they say is fast but going together takes you farther.

Andrew Whitby

A tutorial was set up for today 8 pm – 10 pm. A coordination task that was voluntarily taken up by Oluwakemi (God bless you). These sessions will always clarify a particular grey area that you might have had. Today’s tutorial session was on ABP, and it was started by Abiola and Ada (2 fantastic teachers). The unique thing I observed about this set of teachers is they find a way to connect the learning to whatever makes you understand it – like using the example of losing weight for we the plus size to relate to. Thanks, guys, I will not forget that example.

They both took the class on the best way to start answering an ABP question and what each of the step means to a layman. For example, there are 7 main steps in solving the ABP question namely:

  1. Background – the background is expected to give the context into what the dilemma in the case is.
  2. The problem statement – here, there are specific questions that gives out the what the core of the problem in the case is and these are the 5 Ys – what, why, who, when, how. These questions dig out the real problem from the case.
  3. The objective: what is the end goal and what will success look like to the dilemma at hand
  4. Alternatives – what options are available to choose from
  5. Criteria – What will be impacted

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